BASIC Java - Java Tutorials

BASIC Java - Java Tutorials

BASIC Java - Java Tutorials

Basic Java Syntax

This tutorial guide you about the basic syntax of the java programming language. For writing any program, you need to keep in mind the syntax of that programming language.

Given below the points for syntax of the java which is applicable to all java program :

Case Sensitive Java

Java is case sensitive programming language means it distinguish between upper case letter and lover case. For example, case and Case are different words in java.

Convention for naming of class

According to naming convention in java, the first letter of class should be in the upper case. All the other letter can be in lower or upper case. If mistakenly you keep your program name starts from lower case. It will compile and run without any error. But for better implementation, it is recommended to follow the convention.

Given below the example which follows the class naming convention of java :

public class Hello{

/* by the convention, program name starts with 'H'.
* This will print 'Welcome in java world' as the output

public static void main(String []args){
System.out.println("Welcome in java world"); // prints Hello World

Naming convention for method

According to naming convention for method, the first letter of the method should be in lower case. Your program still run if it is in lower case. For better implementation it is recommended to follow the method naming convention.

Name of the Program File

The name of the program file must be same as the class name. The letters of the class file and program file must be exactly same. If it is not same, then the program will give compiler error.

public static void main(String args[ ])

It is necessary for every java program that it must have main() method. Without it the java program will not compile successfully.


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