What is Java Platform

This article example you 'What is Java Platform?' and 'What is its use?'.

As a beginner you must first understand the about Java Platform and to get the answer of the frequently asked question "What is Java Platform?". The Java Platform is actually responsible for running the Java program. This article is also explaining you about all the available Java Platform.

Users around the world is using different application for their particular needs. For example accounting experts are using account software, medical professionals are using medical software etc. Applications can be built to support one user at a time or it can be designed in such a way that multiple users can use the applications at a time. Java platform allows the developers to make such kind of applications. Java also supports the web applications which can be access on the Internet.

Java consist of wide variety of software and the specification for writing software program in Java. Java software system and specification allows the developers to create wide variety of application and deploy on many different types of OS such as windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile devices and embedded devices.

Java allows the developers to create and deploy applications on embedded devices, mobile devices, enterprise servers and even on supercomputers. This is because of JVM which is responsible for running the byte code. The JVM is different for each os.

Java Platform

The Java Platform is combined name given to the software bundles and related programs from Sun that allows the developers to create and deploy wide variety of application of many different computing devices. JVM is implementation of runtime for each computing platform and processors. So, JVM for windows is different from JVM of Linux.

Java Platform consists of following technologies:

Java Card: This technology is used to run the applications such as applets to run securely on the small device such as smart card and small-memory devices.

Java ME (Micro Edition): This technology is use to develop and deploy the application on mobile devices,PDAs, TV set-top boxes, and printers.

Java SE (Standard Edition): Used for the development of application for PC, server and also for small devices.

Java EE (Enterprise Edition): This mostly used to develop the distributed, multi-tired application in Java, which can run on the enterprise servers.

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What is Java Platform

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