How to install Java?

Learn how to install and configure Java development environment on your windows 7 computer.

How to install Java?

How to install Java?

This tutorial shows you how you can install in your windows 7 operating system and then configure the JAVA_HOME and PATH variables.

Installing Java (JDK) is the first step towards the development of any application in Java. As a beginner you should learn How to install and configure Java Development Kit (JDK) on your computer. You many use the other version of windows operating system but the basic steps will be the same. If you are using Linux and other operating system then you must see the Java documentation on how to install Java (JDK) on that operating system.

This video tutorial will explain you the steps must be followed to download and install Java on your machine. Java is available in both 64bit and 32bit version. So, you should check the version of your operating system while downloading the JDK and download the right version for you system.

Here is the video of the tutorial that explains you the process step by step:

Steps to download install and configure Java on windows 7 computer.

Step 1: Download the Java from and download JDK.

Step 2: Install the JDK

Step 3: Configure path variable.

Step 4: Test the installation

Above video tutorial explains you all the steps with detailed explanation.

What Next?

In the next step you will learn how to make your first Java Application. Read tutorial Creating First Java application.