What is Java API?

The tutorial interact you extensively about the all aspects of API, its functions, programming languages for the purpose of common task like other necessitates.

What is Java API?

To understand the term Java api, first of all you should know exactly what is meant by api. In fact an application-programming interface (API) is collection of functions that programmers get it from the programming languages for the purpose of common task like file transfer, networking and data storage during programming. Now it will be easy to understand what is java api as our topic suggests.

Java comprises three components including

Java Languages is the content, which defines the syntax and semantics of the programming languages. The basic vocabulary such primitive types, if/else blocks etc are also part of the content. Exception syntax, variable scooping rules etc and everything else necessary for the language of the same.

Official core Java APIs:-



Abstract Window Toolkit (awt)

Contain all classes for creating user interfaces.


Contain classes to develop beans.


Contain all classes for creating and modifying images.

Java IO

Contain all classes for system input and system output through DataStream serialization and file system.

Java drag and Drop

That provide a mechanism to transfer information between two entities logically associated with presentation element in GUI.

Java Data Base Connectivity

Contain classes to connect java application with the database.

Optional APIs :-



Java Help

A full featured help system that enable you for online help in applet ,operating system and devices.

Java Media Framework

That allow you to add audio video to java application and applet

Java Naming and Directory interfaces

Java Naming and Directory interfaces - for directory services .

Java Mail

That allow you to build mail and messaging application.

Java 3D

A scene graph based 3D API.

Java Open GL

A wrapper library for Open GL.