Applications of Java


Applications of Java

Java is widely used to develop applications for desktop and mobile. Applications that are developed in Java can run on Windows, Symbian, Android, iOS and others.

Java is widely used to develop applications for desktop and mobile. Applications that are developed in Java can run on Windows, Symbian, Android, iOS and others.

Applications of Java

Java programming language is widely used to develop web applications, games and other applications for mobile. Java developers use Java to create applications because it is simple, interactive, fast and easy to maintain.

Java provides tools to develop portable and high-performance applications like games, clocks, news tickers and others.

There are many top java applications that are very popular among people due to their utilities and uniqueness.

These applications of Java can easily be installed on mobiles without any charge. Most of the mobiles today support Java, hence it becomes easy to run operation.

These Java applications are not only popular among the developers and web designers but also see keen interest of people who spent most of the time on smartphones.

Here are top 5 Java applications:

  1. Nimbuzz Messenger
  2. Nimbuzz, developed by Nimbuzz B.V, is a free call and instant messaging application for smartphones, tablets and computers. Though it supports many sub-application inside, its main purpose is chatting.

    Nimbuzz has a single window chat facility for multiple domains like Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

    It lets users to make calls, send messages and share photos, music and video files, on any mobile device, which has installed Nimbuzz application.

    Nimbuzz is popular, as it has 100 million users in 100+ countries. Nimbuzz is free and runs on all major platforms like iPhone, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, Android, Mac, J2ME and PC.

  3. Opera Mini
  4. Opera Mini is a web browser for mobile phones similar to Opera browser for desktop. It is extensively used by people as it allows page to load faster by compressing the unwanted graphics of the web page. Opera Mini also allows user to visit pages that are normally not supported by mobile.

    It reformats the HTML content as per the viewable requirement of the device.

  5. E Buddy Messenger
  6. Like Nimbuzz, E Buddy Messenger is also a social networking application. This chat application is widely used on mobile devices. E Buddy allows user to chat on different platforms or domains without logging in separately on each one of them.

    E Buddy also allow user to upload photo from phone.

    Using it one can chat on different domains like MSN, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo.

  7. KD Player
  8. KD Player, is a Java Java ME-based application that allows people to run media files on their mobile. It provides an alternative to the default media player of the mobile.

    KD player was developed by Knyzhov Dmitry.

    Audio files can be played, fast forward, rewind, shuffle and repeat. It only supports audio files that are supported by the phone model.

    KD Player can be downloaded for free.

    The theme of KD Player can be custom change by using of different skins created by user that enhances the experience.

  9. NewsHunt

NewsHunt is a Java application that allows user to watch a newspaper on their mobile phone free of cost. All the news publications whether regional or national, daily or weekly are available on this application.

NewHunt works on all platforms like J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, Windows and iOS.