Hibernate 5.3 features

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Hibernate 5.3 features

In this section we are exploring Hibernate 5.3 features.

In this section we are exploring Hibernate 5.3 features.

Hibernate 5.3 features - Hibernate 5.3 comes with feature improvements

Hibernate 5.3 is upgraded version of 5.2 ORM and it comes with the improvements. In this section we are discussing the features improvements that come with Hibernate 5.3.

Hibernate 5.3 comes with Hibernate Search 5.9 and upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2. Hibernate 5.3 comes requires Java 8+ , JPA 2.1+, Hibernate ORM 5.2 and Hibernate Search 5.9.

Hibernate search allows developers to use the full text search functionality with underlying Apache Lucence index. Entities data is index with the Apache Lucene full text search engine and Hibernate provides wrapper on it.

Major updates:

  • In Hibernate ORM 5.3 bugs related to projections and native query pagination are fixed
  • It comes with the compatibility with Hibernate ORM 5.2
  • Hibernate 5.3 is upgraded to Hibernate ORM 5.2 and Hibernate Search 5.9

Hibernate 5.3 Features

There are many improvements that come with the Hibernate 5.3 ORM. Here is comprehensive list:


  • Java - 8+
  • JPA - 2.1
  • Hibernate ORM -  5.2
  • Hibernate Search - 5.9


  • Hibernate OGM is now compatible with the ORM 5.2

Components upgrade:

Here is the list of components upgrade made in Hibernate 5.3 ORM.

  • Hibernate ORM upgraded to 5.2.16.Final
  • Hibernate Search upgraded to 5.9.0.Final
  • Infinispan upgraded to 9.1.6.Final
  • MongoDB upgraded to 3.6.3
  • Neo4J upgraded to 3.3.3

Infinispan improvements

  • The Infinispan Clustered Counters is used for sequence generation in Hibernate and now it is created at start-up of application.
  • When Infinispan is used for sequence generation then it takes table name as well along with column name.

In this section we have seen the features of Hibernate 5.3 ORM.

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