Abstraction : Java Glossary

Learn about Abstraction in Java.

Abstraction : Java Glossary


OOPs revolve around the four concepts:
1. Encapsulation
2. Polymorphism
3. Abstraction
4. Inheritance

In OOPs, these concepts are implemented through a class definition and achieved through the object creation process, programmatically.

Here we will discuss Abstraction briefly:

-- Abstraction in Java allows the user to hide non-essential details relevant to user.
-- It allows only to show the essential features of the object to the end user.
-- In other sense we can say  it deals with the outside view of an object (interface). 

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Abstraction concept is developed to solve the complexity of programming. Abstraction simplifies the programming by abstracting a class in Object Oriented Programming. If you declare a class Abstract in Java then you would be able to create the object of the that class. To use the definition of the abstract class you have to extend the abstract class in an new class and then implement the abstract method. Then you can create the object of the new class.

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Abstraction : Java Glossary

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February 26, 2013
Compare abstract class and Interface

Can you compare abstract and interface?
February 26, 2013
Compare abstract class and Interface

Can you compare abstract and interface?
assu alduaa
December 7, 2011
what is abstraction

give me the correct definition..
December 31, 2011
abstraction defination

abstraction definition is not full . you r give short definition abstraction means all information provide by hidden in client . show essential information. example for - a reception provide all information but some details confidential.
January 25, 2012

i am java sundaresan
February 22, 2012

use of abstraction in java
bhupendra telang
April 26, 2012
in java

what is the abstraction, inheritance,polymorphism,encapsulation,
Durga Bhavani
May 18, 2012

why u are using abstract class?
kavita chouhan
September 2, 2012

please post any standerd defination of abstraction