Hitchhiker is a free Eclipse plug-in and runtime engine based on patented Aprobe technology.



Hitchhiker is a free Eclipse plug-in and runtime engine based on patented Aprobe technology. Hitchhiker provides tracing, profiling, memory leak tracking and function coverage tools for C/C++ applications. With Hitchhiker you can:

  1. Instrument any C/C++ application on the fly using patented Aprobe technology
  2. Trace and profile the application at near full execution speed
  3. Visualize application internals using the Eclipse Workbench.

Hitchhiker can be used throughout the application development lifecycle, from development into alpha, beta, production test, and production.

How Hitchhiker works

Hitchhiker collects performance and control flow data from your application using machine code instrumentation that is automatically inserted into your application using patented Aprobe technology.

Configure the data collection process by specifying the wild card set of functions to profile as well as other data collection options using the Eclipse Workbench. Then launch the application via the standard Eclipse Launch Dialog. Or you can attach to an application already running with the Hitchhiker agent and examine its collected profile information.

As the application runs, the Hitchhiker Agent sends the application telemetry back to the Eclipse Workbench. The collected data can be viewed in real time using a variety of data visualization views or saved for later analysis.

The data can be analyzed in many different ways:

  1. Identify objects and methods that consume the most time
  2. Identify memory-intensive classes
  3. Gauge program concurrency
  4. Locate memory leaks
  5. Browse every execution of a method as a function of time
  6. Obtain a wider view of execution behavior as a function of time
  7. Identify active threads, and when threads are active
  8. Identify frequently called methods
  9. Identify different phases of program execution
  10. Study different method invocations

System requirements

Hitchhiker is currently provided for:

  1. 32-bit Linux/x86, RedHat 9, Enterprise 4, Fedora Core 3

Hitchhiker is built upon the Eclipse SDK and the TPTP and CDT projects. The following components are required:

  1. Eclipse SDK 3.0.2
  2. TPTP Runtime 3.3.0
  3. Hyades Data Collection Engine for Linux x86 Runtime (Agent Controller) 3.2.0
  4. C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) 2.1.1

Click on the link to go to detail page: http://www.ocsystems.com/eclipse/



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