Artificial Intelligence Disciplines


Artificial Intelligence Disciplines

In this tutorial we will talk about the various science/mathematics disciplines used with Artificial Intelligence.

In this tutorial we will talk about the various science/mathematics disciplines used with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence - Combination of many Disciplines

Artificial Intelligence is simple a combination of many disciplines of science, Biology, Neurology and other fields in engineering. In this tutorial we are going to explore all the various disciplines used in Machine Learning.

There is no one technology in Artificial Intelligence and it requires developers to learn a lot of things to become productive programmer. Artificial Intelligence requires deep knowledge many things including good programming skills. If we talk about programming one must have extensive experience in Java, Python, Scala, R, Spark and also the Big Data technologies.

The aim of AI is to develop program for simulating learning of human being and its a complex process which requires knowledge of various disciplines like Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics etc... Learning all these things are really complex task and that's why in project team we have to hire resources from many fields.

Artificial Intelligence Disciplines

Following are major disciplines used with Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Economics
  4. Neuroscience
  5. Psychology
  6. Computer engineering
  7. Control theory and cybernetics
  8. Linguistics
  9. Big Data

Now let's look the importance of each discipline.


Philosophy is very important as it attempts to answer important questions like "Can a machine act intelligently?", "Can it solve like human being?", "Are computer intelligence is like Human one?" etc...


Mathematics is used to write the logic and algorithm for machine learning. Philosophy thinks and defines particular intelligence and way it should work. But here comes the intelligence of Mathematicians to come out with calculations and algorithms for learning. Good knowledge of mathematics is a must skills to be able to develop model of AI.


Lots of Economics reasoning is used in developing programs for Artificial Intelligence.


Study of Neuroscience providing information about how human brain works and how neurons responds to a particular event. This enables AI scientists to develop programming model to work like human brain.


The Psychology is used to study and find the process of thinking of humans and animals. This discipline enables data science to understand the Brain, Behaviour and Person which is essential to make things like human brain.

Computer engineering

Computer engineer write the codes for making the neural network for artificial intelligence. It then updates the values/properties of the neural network based on the data provided to the system. This way Artificial Intelligence is achieved. Computer programmer should have very high programming skills along with the knowledge of Mathematics and other disciplines used with AI.

Control theory and cybernetics

This theory describes how things operate under their own control. It is scientific study of working of humans, animals and machines control and communicate with each other. Knowledge of this technology is also very important.


The modern Linguistics is called computational linguistics or natural language processing. The natural language processing allows the intelligent system to communicate through language such as English. To natural language processing experience is also a must for developing Artificial Intelligence system for machines.

Big Data

Big Data is fueling the growth of Artificial Intelligence as it provides a platform for saving and querying huge data sets. AI requires to process a lot of data and its not possible to save data in one computer and Big Data plays big role here. Big Data also provides distributed computing environment which can be used for training the model on distributed system.

In this section we have explained you various Disciplines of Artificial Intelligence and highlighted the importance of each of them.  We have large number of Artificial Intelligence tutorials on our websites. Check Artificial Intelligence tutorials on our website.

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