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August 26, 2011 at 6:20 PM

Overloading and Overiding are pratical implementation of OOPs Concept.


In Simple words, Same function name but different signature(Parameters)

For Example:

To Add 2 integers Add(int i, int j)

To add two string Add(string i, string j)

Depending on the signature(parameters) of the calling function, respective function would be called. if you pass 2 string parameter second function would be called and if you pass two integer parameter first function would be called.


Same Function Name, same signature, different functionality.

Example for overriding

Class Shapes { Virtual void Paint() }

Class Circle:Shapes { Override void Paint() }

Class Square:Shapes { Override void Paint() }

Here in the above code we can see that the shapes is class which has a method Paint, which would paint according to the shape of the object each object would implement the paint method differently based on its dimensions.


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