error in java code



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error in java code
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December 30, 2008 at 5:04 AM

Hi friend,

A method for controlling an operation of a server system by a client system interconnected with the server by a network. The server includes a network communications server facility, a server resident scripting utility for creating and executing server scripts and a resident server page that includes a scripting for creating a server object, the server object including a server method for controlling an operation of the server system and an applet for invoking the server page and corresponding to a server method to be executed in the server system. The client includes a browser for communicating with the server. A translated server page is downloaded from the server to the client. The translated server page corresponds to the server page resident in the server and the script in the translated server page is translated into a form executable by the browser in the client. An input to the client invokes the applet, which in turn invokes the script of the translated server page. The server system responds to the translated script by creating an instance of the server object and executing the server method corresponding to the applet. The translated script may also pass an argument to the server object after the server object is invoked, and the server method may return data to the translated server page and the applet may read the returned data and the state of the applet may be updated according to the returned data.


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