Problem in show card in applet.

Problem in show card in applet.

The following link contained the card demo with applet.

Now I am trying to run this code in eclipse but Not show card in the applet, then I add a code in paintComponent method like- "g.drawImage(c.image,c.x, c.y,100,100,this);" but error occure. Error is-

"The method drawImage(Image, int, int, int, int, ImageObserver) in the type Graphics is not applicable for the arguments (ImageIcon, int, int, int, int, CardDemoGUI)"

I have tried to solve this error but finally I am not solving, Please help me how can I show all the card in the applet.

Work I have done:- 1) Create Dynamic web project in eclipse. 2) create three class the you have given, and in com.progresso Package. 3)Past folder of cards(All the Cards contained) in suitable place. 4) now I am running file On Run as Java Applet then only show the Applet, not show any one card,hence any other code will be add in the example or how can I solve my problem. please help me its very urgent for me. or mail me [email protected]

Thanks in advanced.

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