How to open a .war file inside Netbean IDE?



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How to open a .war file inside Netbean IDE?
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Dear experts,

I've been trying to read a .war file inside my Netbean IDE alot of times but to no avail.

When I used open file to open the .war file, it just remains inside my netbean as .war file. When I pressed the run tab inside my netbean ide to see how the application inside that .war file works, it doesn't allow me to.

I'd appreciate it if you could run through the steps on how to put a .war file inside Netbean IDE.

Couldn't find anything at all in the Internet. And the help files inside Netbean ide just point me to Axis file...which is alien to me and not helpful at all.

Been trying many ways to tackle this problem and forced to seek help here.

Please help me. Many thanks.
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March 10, 2012 at 1:23 PM

first you have to extract the war file and then convert the class file into java file using jad decompiler . Class file will be in src folder. For extracting you can use 7zip

You can open the war file in netbeans by file->new project->web application and choosing java web application with exisiting the extracted war have to paste the java file on the respective package


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