Android Studio Training

Learn Android Development using Android Studio as Development tool. In this training series we will show you how to develop various applications using Android IDE.

Android Studio Training

Android Studio Training Videos and examples

Here we are giving complete tutorials that will help the developers to learn the Android Studio IDE. the Android Studio IDE is used to develop android application quickly and easily for android devices. These video tutorials will help you learning the features of Android Studio IDE.

The Android Studio IDE is new application development tool for the developing applications using Android SDK. The Android Studio is based on the community edition of IntelliJ IDEA IDE, which is feature rich and helps the developers to quickly develop applications for Android platform.

Tutorial discussed here is developed using the Android Studio Development IDE.

Here are the list of tutorials.

  1. Android Studio: Google's replacement to Eclipse
  2. Downloading and Installing Android Studio
  3. Migrating Project from Eclipse
  4. Developing Hello World Application
  5. Understanding Project Structure
  6. Android application development, testing and deploying process

Various of the Android Studio IDE helps the developers to quickly develop, test and deploy the Android based applications on different Android enable mobile phones and Tablets.

Android Studio seems very promising IDE for creating the applications quickly.

The Android Studio IDE also provides analytical tools for analyzing and fixing the code before it is released on the Android Store. This feature will help the developers to thoroughly test their applications before sending it for release.

Features of Android Studio

  • Android Studio is based on the Gradle-based build.
  • Android Studio provides the support for Android-specific refactoring. It also provides the support for quickly fixing the issues.
  • Here Lint tools is available which can be used to catch performance, usability, version compatibility and other problems, which is very good for a developer. With the help of Lint tool developers can quickly fix the bugs in their program.
  • Android Studio IDE is also very initiative which is very useful in development of application.