Android Studio Hello World Tutorial

This tutorial explains you the steps for creating Android Studio Hello World program. You will learn how to learn create and execute the Android Hello World example.

Android Studio Hello World Tutorial

Android Studio Hello World Tutorial - Learn application development using Android Studio IDE

Video tutorial on developing Hello World Example using Android Studio Development IDE.

In this video tutorial we are going to explain you the steps you should follow to quickly develop and test the Hello World example program in Android Studio IDE. The Android Studio is latest development tool from Google for the development of Mobile application using Android SKD.

Steps to develop the Hello World application in Android Studio

Step 1: JDK 7 is stalled and configured on your computer

Step 2: Android Studio is installed

Step 3: Start the Android Studio and then click on the New project window and follow the installer to create the project.

Step 4: Run the project and create the emulator.

Step 5: Select the emulator and test the project.

Following video explains the complete process:

How to create Hello World Project using Android Studio

In this Android Video tutorial we explain how to create 'hello world' project using android studio. This hello world android project is very useful for the developers who are beginners for Android apps development. To create your first Hello World project in Android studio just follow the steps below:

android studio

In the first step of the Android studio application project of how to create Hello World project, go to the start button and click in the Android Studio. Now select new project.

programme android studio

first android studio

welcome-android studio

It will open a new window that will show you a form to fillup. Give you project application name as hello world. Now, write the package name as here it is written ' net.roseindia.helloworld' (You can change the package name as per your choice). In the field of minimum required SDK, choose the version of Android you are using as here Android 4.2 ( jelly bean) has been used. Now, in the field of Target SDK: choose the Android 4.2 (Jelly bean). Then choose the Next Button to move the next level of the project.

android new project

In this window you will see the android icons as well as other options that will allow you to change the pattern of image like small and big. Moreover, you can change the foreground scaling as well as the background colors through this. After make changes as per your requirement, choose the next button.

android images path


Now, in the opened window you can find lists of options to create a new blank activity or new action bar or navigation element. Choose your appropriate section and click on the next button.

blank activities

fullscreen activites

main activities

Here, you will create the new activity class. Once you select your activity class, you need to click on the finish button.

welcome-android studio

new project files

Now, the android studio will configure the the project that would allow you create "helloworldproject". 0

new project structure

Now, your Helloworldproject is ready and you can see the hello world tree structure.

Helloworld project structure 1

Now, click on the Source file by clicking on the source section of the project. Here, you will see the source code of the application with different values. Click on the Source Value section to find the source code. In the next step, select the string.xml file and Change as per your project name and save the source code.

String xml value

string xml 1 2

To run the helloworld project you need to run the project. To do so, click on the run button icon and choose your running device. By default it will selected the lunch emulator. Here we will show you how to create device in your android studio. Click on the the android virtual device sections( File browse selection button). If any device elumator is found, delete it. If you do not find any device elumator then click on the new button.

choose device

my app testing 3

Now, you will see the window that is to be filled with data details. In this AVD section, you need to give your virtual device name. Select your device as here it is selected as Nexus 7 (7.27" 800 x 1280 tvd). Now select the Target as Android 4.2.2 API level 17. Modify you memory option as 512 (otherwise your program will crass because it not support more then 512 memory). Choose your SD card Size as 1024 and click on Ok Button. Now your Android virtual device is ready. So, close the window. Now, select your running android virtual device name. Then Click on the Ok button.

myapp testing device

choose device 6 4

In the next step, your virtual elumator will start and you can see the window to start the application.

Helloworld project


Now your Hello World Application is created in the Android Studio.

created helloworld

So, this is how you can create your own hello world program in Android studio by following simple and easy steps as shown in this android video tutorial on helloworldproject. 6

welcome android studio

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