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AJAX Blog: Learning the Ajax technologies for development of responsive web applications


In this blog entry we will be discussing about the basic concept of the Ajax technologies and then explains you the technologies used in the Ajax. We have also given the links for learning the Ajax programming language.

Ajax is a technology for for developing the highly interactive and responsive applications for the web. It stands for  Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a set of technologies for making the interactive web applications with rich set of interactive user interfaces for the web.

As you all know web development is a fun and you can start the web development after learning HTML and Java Scripts. For database driven application you also need the skills of server-side programming. While developing the web application designers and the web developers work together to develop and test the applications as per the requirement of the client. Designer is responsible for creating the nice looking UI for the applications. Designer then converts the PSD file into HTML/CSS pages. Developer uses the designed HTML pages and then integrated it with programming.

Development of a web application is a huge work and it requires different types of skills. Skills includes the knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, HTML 5, CSS, Ajax and the server side programming languages.

There are various programming languages you can use for the development of web applications. Programming languages includes PHP, .NET, ASP.Net, Java and other web development languages. With these languages you need the Ajax technologies for making your application very interactive.

What is Ajax?

Ajax is not a single technologies, but it includes many technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML etc.. which makes the development of interactive application possible. As explained above Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Ajax includes JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Asynchronous transfer and other technologies.

Ajax is a set of technologies which includes:

  • XHTML and CSS standards: This is used for the development of the user interface of the applications such as forms to take user input, pages to display information and the pages for the navigation.
  • DOM: The DOM (Document Object Model) is used to interact with the pages. For example if you have to find an image on the web page you will be using the DOM for finding the image object in the DOM tree.
  • XML and XSLT: The XML and XSLT is used for the data interchange.
  • JavaScript: The JavaScript programming language is used for actual client side programming. For example you can use the JavaScript code for getting the data from server and then updating in a input box on the web page

To become a good Ajax programming you should know XHTML, CSS, DOM, XML, DSLT and the JavaScript.

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