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What is VRRP?

VRRP the acronyms of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is a generic standard of connectivity that ensures for not loosing the data while data transmission as it works as a switching system. It means VRRP works as a back up of the router for the i

What is VRRP?


VRRP the acronyms of  Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is  a generic standard of connectivity that  ensures for  not loosing  the data  while  data transmission as it works as a switching system. It means VRRP works as a back up of  the router for the interrupted  connectivity when master router becomes fail due to any fault.

For  applying VRRP,  it needs to set up two or  more routers  with  VRRP.  The user  have to select  'one' router as a "Master"  router  and  rest  are the back ups. The  master router continuously sends advertisement packets to the  backup routers and  if  the advertisement packets stops, the other router becomes the master router situated next to it. As many routers are attached in the series, as many backup chances has been  improved.  All routers shares same "Virtual IP" address, so if  one becomes failure, another replace it with the same duty. VRRP also shares the  load of  internet.  

If all the routers in the series  became failed, then there must be another sort of  problem, not in the VRRP system. All the data has been lost in this misfortune incident. Search the problem and eradicate it. So this is the best way for continuous data supply within the LAN or Internet.



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