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What is TTS?

TTS stands for text-to-speech,. It is the digitized audio rendering software that converts the computer text into speech. This software is developed in such a way that it can "read" text from a document, Web page or e-Book and able to convert to thes

What is TTS?


TTS stands for  text-to-speech,. It  is the digitized audio rendering software that  converts  the computer text into speech. This  software is developed in such a way that it can "read" text from a document, Web page or e-Book and able to convert to these into robotic or human voice (male or female both)  pronouncing through a computer's speakers.

TTS software is very useful having variety of applications uses. This software is very  useful  for proofreading and for improving  the correct pronunciation as it  pronounce the text  in a very exact and correct way as it happens. The user can  catch  the awkward phrases, missing words or pacing problems in his/her pronunciation and can also improve it. The advance feature of  TTS  is that it is able to  convert text files into audio MP3 files that can then be transferred to a portable MP3 player or CD-ROM. This is a  very time saving  facility that allows the user to listen to reports or background materials in a non-working  place or  while performing other tasks.

The  work  of  screen writing becomes very easy when the author takes the help of  top screenwriting software having  included TTS functionality because the  writer can assign different voices of characters as well as ups and downs in  his or her script in various languages including  English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and many more.

The specialized TTS technology makes empowered to the visual disable or visual dyslexic person as it can also be able to  convert  the spoken words in to typing text format. The person has to pronounce the sentence correctly and TTS converts it into text format exactly. The program of  the software varies in quality as requirement of the client.

Microsoft has provided a basic built-in- TTS engine in it's Window's XP version that can be upgraded with free online downloads. TTS software is very useful for education purpose as well as in medical terminology.


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Posted on: April 1, 2008

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