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VoIP Solution

VoIP Solutions Channels Welcome to the Selecting VoIP Solutions channel, sponsored by Epygi Technologies-the company that understands why predicting and capitalizing on change is a necessary practice for any small business. We also understand that select

VoIP Solution


  1. VoIP Solutions Channels
    Welcome to the Selecting VoIP Solutions channel, sponsored by Epygi Technologies-the company that understands why predicting and capitalizing on change is a necessary practice for any small business. We also understand that selecting VoIP solutions can be challenging. That's why we developed our Quadro line of IP PBXs and gateways. Epygi Quadros unite conventional PSTN telephony and high-tech IP communication perfectly. Global communications have never been so easy and inexpensive! Maybe selecting a VoIP solution that's right for your small business isn't so challenging after all.
  2. VoIP Solution Application
    VoIP Solutions Inc can provide a hosted solution to meet the specific needs of existing Telco's, cable operators or start ups. Every service provider has different ideas, products, billing methods, web integration etc. VoIP Solutions has a flexible turn key solution that can meet these needs. The central billing, database, and SIP proxy system resides in a central location. This architecture centrally authenticates each call, providing real time call control and tear down for pre paid accounts. The network design provides for a high level of redundancy and is fully scalable permitting additional capacity to be added to the existing cities at any time and new cites / interconnection points to other carriers be added. 
  3. VoIP Cables Solutions
    Cable Operators look to Nortel, as the leading provider of Cable Telephony solutions, when deciding to add high-margin residential and business voice services. These field proven cable telephony solutions provide Cable Operators with the reliability, scalability and security needed to compete in today's, and tomorrow's, marketplace. Includes the PacketCableTM and Euro-PacketCable qualified Call Management Server
    (CMS) and Media Gateway Controller (MGC), enabling primary or secondary VoIP lines, long distance and full enterprise telephony. The Communication Server 2000 - Compact is built on a commercial, off-the-shelf platform, enabling service providers to ride the technology curve, and enabling full-featured greenfield and evolutionary networks with reduced-footprints. The Communication Server 2000 is built on Nortel's XA-Core platform, enabling cost-effective migration to packet networking for our DMS customers.

  4. How Scalable is VoIP Solution?
    Voice over IP (VoIP) is finally coming into its own as both businesses and residential customers recognize the advantages of using their high speed Internet connections to provide low-cost long distance telephone service. Call quality and reliability have improved considerably and attractive pricing plans are available. Small businesses may be tempted by VoIP plans marketed for consumers. With companies like Lingo, Vonage and Packet8 offering unlimited calling for less than $20/month, a VoIP line costs less than a basic residential phone line in many locations. Cable companies are also getting into the act and the competition is driving prices lower and lower.
  5. VoIP Solution to Offer Expanded
    A leading provider of SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for service providers and end-users worldwide, today announced the expansion of its availability of phone numbers for inbound calls, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) coverage, to an additional 24 countries through a solution provided by Voxbone, S.A., a VoIP carrier offering local phone numbers and toll-free numbers around the world. delta three's service providers and consumers will now be able to take advantage of a formidable DID network encompassing five continents. This expansion also holds significance for delta three's global consumer brand, iConnectHere, which offers consumers unparalleled VoIP service, price plans, features and support. In alignment with iConnectHere's international growth strategy, the incorporation of Voxbone's service will allow for reduced rates while serving an enhanced experience.
  6. Microsoft Unveils VoIP Solution
    Microsoft Corp. today opened a private beta of its new enterprise voice communications server, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, to 2,500 IT professionals. Office Communications Server 2007 allows companies to integrate voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology into existing telephony infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive network overhauls and also extending the useful life of existing investments. The new voice server will also allow workers to instantly launch a phone call from 2007 Microsoft Office applications, such as Office Word 2007, Office Outlook 2007 or Office Communicator, by simply clicking on a colleague?s name to determine his or her availability and initiate a person-to-person or multiparty call. 
  7. The NICE VoIP Solutions
    VoIP is changing the way companies communicate and do business. And when it comes to VoIP solutions for contact centers, financial institutions and regulatory-compliant enterprises, NICE provides the ideal answer. NICE is the world's pioneer and leading supplier of VoIP solutions and holds the patents that cover VoIP recording technology. NICE's VoIP solutions provide the highest investment protection and the only proven, highly reliable solution for the most demanding mission-critical environments. With NICE's unified-software-only approach to VoIP recording, along with the most advanced applications for quality monitoring, liability and interactions analytics, the contact center can expand advanced capabilities to all branches and remote locations and improve overall business performance.
  8. Deltathree's VoIP Solution Offers Expanded
    Deltathree Inc., a provider of SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for service providers and end-users worldwide, has expanded its availability of phone numbers for inbound calls, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) coverage, to an additional 24countries. The expansion has been enabled through a solution provided by Voxbone, S.A., a VoIP carrier offering local phone numbers and toll-free numbers across the globe. Service providers and consumers of deltathree will now be able to take advantage of a DID network encompassing five continents. Through Voxbone?s world wide solution deltathree?s reach will be broadened to Southand Central America, Asia and Eastern Europe. The clients of deltathree will now have access to DIDs in highly industrial countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Turkey and Poland.
  9. The System VoIP Solution
    At the spring COMMON user group meeting this year, IBM and 3Com piqued audience interest with the announcement that the two companies were developing an integrated voice over IP (VOIP) solution that would run natively on the System i. Today, the two have delivered on that promise with the announcement of the first-ever IP telephony solution designed to run on a single system along with a customer's business applications. That single system is the System i. As the press release notes, typically IP telephony environments are built with a single server supporting each of the components-call processing, messaging, and conferencing, for example-presenting systems management challenges that are especially problematic for small- and medium-sized businesses with limited IT resources. Thanks, however, to the System i, the new IBM/3Com offering will make "IP telephone accessible to business of all sizes and requirements by allowing them to implement a complete IP telephony solution on one easy-to-manage platform.
  10. Introduction of VoIP Solution
    Voice over IP (VoIP) and converged networking solutions deliver a broad range of benefits to enterprises, including enhanced productivity, lower operational costs, and increased management visibility. Foundry Networks unlocks the value in a converged network by offering an expansive set of VoIP-ready networking solutions that deliver uninterrupted service quality, reliability, security, and compatibility for IP-based phones, video, and converged desktop applications. Today's networks are providing services thought impossible just a few years ago. Internet, e-mail, voice and video conferencing are just a few of the business applications that are placing higher demands upon the network Infrastructure. The standards and demands for the network infrastructure have never been higher. Delivering voice solutions requires more than just connectivity. Issues such as call quality, reliability, availability, security and power management are paramount in the complete voice solution. 
  11. The SIP Based VoIP Solution
    There are a few companies out there that can provide entire IP solutions to businesses large and small. That, of course, would be nothing short of foolish for smaller players in the communications space. Indeed, we have seen companies acquired and others folded, so it is the wise company that will find longevity in its product line. Often, being wise means narrowing your focus, as opposed to venturing into new territories. Snom technology, for one, has done just that, having limited its focus to SIP-based handset development. Rather than attempting to develop the various components of aVoIP network itself, snom?s strategy is to become interoperable with the various vendors of SIP-based communications equipment, like PBXs and gateways. The company, in fact, currently has its third family of IP endpoints on the market.
  12. The Solution of VoIP Wireless
    The Nortel Carrier VoIP portfolio enables next-generation solutions designed to smoothly migrate existing GSM and CDMA wireless core networks and services to a multi-service, packet-based wireless network. The Wireless VoIP solution uses a scalable, distributed, yet simplified architecture that supports accelerated growth and rapid deployment of third-generation Voice over IP services using UMTS and other 3G standards. This simplified network, built from high-density, multi-purpose components, lowers capital and operating costs, improves bandwidth utilization, and makes it easier to expand geographically.
  13. The Incredible VoIP Solution
    Everyone has their own opinion of what makes the perfect IP phone and VoIP implementation, but we've gone a step further. In this month's Convergence, we've enlisted the help of four experts to come up with the ideal IP phone and VoIP network architecture. Together they've composed a list of requirements that should be on anyone's shortlist for desktop phones. They've also designed an elegant VoIP network that you can use as a template when planning your own VoIP deployment. Not surprisingly, one of the features they flagged for the ideal IP phone was a large display. A decent screen makes it possible to view a corporate and personal phone directory that includes real-time presence information. A sizable screen also lets users run third-party applications. 
  14. The Vonage VoIP Solution
    You've seen Vonage's website ads all over the 'Net so by now you're probably familiar with the name and basic pricing details of the Vonage Voice over IP (VoIP) service offerings. Vonage has been around for about 2.5 years and boasts over 250,000 customers, leading the field against some major and "minor" (Net2Phone, 8x8) competitors. Vonage and its public relations firm want to double that subscriber number by the end of the year, which explains the media blitz and price cuts we've all been witnessing. Unlike many cutting-edge computer tech phenomena for the home, your plain old telephone service (POTS) is often something you don't want to mess with, especially if you're toting a cell phone and/or smart phone as well. As a self-respecting geek you've almost certainly held a voice conversation over the Internet before, and you may have been unimpressed with the service quality. 
  15. VoIP Billing Software Solution
    Total-e advanced billing solution is designed to support the current and future needs of the highly profitable and growing IP telephony market. Total-e powerful, scalable, flexible billing platform delivers real-time VoIP as well as other customizable value based services. Moreover, the platform supports unlimited price structures, manages complex revenue sharing relationships, and provides comprehensive customer self-care via the Web or IVR. There are some benefit of VoIP Billing Software solution are follow here:- * Gateway protocols supported - H.323 and SIP * Real-time, Radius AAA authentication ? authentication and authorization of users in real-time for avoiding fraud and bad debt. * PIN / Scratch Cards management - support generation and use of PIN codes / Scratch Cards, those to be used as pre-paid vouchers. The PIN codes / Scratch Cards are handle as pre-paid buckets that hold a specific budget, each call made using this PIN codes / Scratch Cards is subtracted from the balance accordingly. 
  16. The Wholesale VoIP Solution
    The birth of Voice-over-IP technology in late 1990s and its rapid growth in early 2000s, have resulted in the proliferation of many alternative telecom providers. Those providers have introduced a number of innovative communications services such as calling cards and callback which relied on call origination and termination over the Internet. The growing number of new telecom providers led to increased demand for traffic aggregation services and as a result the Wholesale VoIP business was born. Wholesale VoIP providers act as traffic aggregators and/or traffic exchanges for their customers. They sign up contracts with both retail and wholesale VoIP providers and act as a middle man for call origination and termination services.


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