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VoIP Palm

VoIP For Palm powers A company called is providing a service that allows free VoIP between its users, from a Palm OS handheld to another. Some details are available on, including more specifics about the service.

VoIP Palm


  1. VoIP For Palm powers
    A company called is providing a service that allows free VoIP between its users, from a Palm OS handheld to another. Some details are available on, including more specifics about the service. The company also provides calls outside the net - to landline or cellular based telephones, but these are subject to charges. This is an interesting software, since we don't usually hear much about VoIP on Palm devices. Most of the times VoIP is associated with Windows Mobile Pocket PC. According to the developers, who posted a series of replies on the original blog post, the software requires 60kbps and a little less when noise suppression is used. 
  2. Palm OS VoIP Application
    Articulation is a new VoIP application for the Palm OS from Hampton Software. It is compatible with most Palm OS 5+ devices with a microphone that can access the Internet via Wi-Fi/Blue tooth or EDGE/GPRS. Articulation is the first service independent VoIP phone for Palm OS, which means you can use it with a number of different VoIP service providers. Palm OS VoIP Articulation supports the standard SIP VoIP protocol. The app will work with the majority of SIP VoIP service providers and the developers have a list of confirmed compatible providers. At this time the program is not compatible with Skype. 
  3. VoIP Coming Palm OS
    The MantraGroup is currently working on a mobile Voice over IP (VOIP) solution for the Palm OS. Their product, mobiVoIP, is currently undergoing a closed beta trial. When ready, mobiVoIP will enable many Palm OS devices to make voice calls over the Internet from a wirelessly connected handheld. VOIP for Palm OSVoIP, or Voice Over IP (pronounced 'voyp'), is a new technology that lets you make phone calls over the Internet. When you make a VoIP phone call, you use a normal touch-tone telephone and dial the normal phone number just as you would any other time. The people on the other end (usually) can't tell that whether you are calling from a traditional telephone or a VoIP phone. The main difference is that the phone call travels over the Internet rather than through the local phone company's wires. mobiVoip takes it to next step allowing you to use your PDA and make VoIP calls.  
  4. VoIP Palm Software
    Palm Computer announced an integrated Voice over IP solution for their Tungsten C handheld today. Agreements with five companies will provide voice over IP (VoIP), Wi-Fi, and authentication software based on protocol developed by Cisco. The Tungsten C handheld ($499), features a 400MHz of ARM; 64MB of memory; a built-in keyboard; and a 320 x 320 transflective TFT display. Agreements with VLI, Linksys, Wayport, WiFinder and Meetinghouse Data Communications were announced. The products, services and special offers deliver an integrated Wi-Fi solution for Palm?s Tungsten C in Wi-Fi campus networks and (SOHO) professionals. 
  5. VoIP Palm Your Hand
    Alan sits alone at a table in a coffee shop slowly sipping a large cappuccino. His advanced smart phone sits on the table. It is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi so he can read up on the latest events of the day on a global news Web site while simultaneously listening to some new MP3 files from his favorite band?s upcoming album. With his wireless Bluetooth earpiece, he doesn?t have to take his phone with him when he gets up to retrieve extra napkins. The singer?s voice continues singing in his ear both to and from the napkin and condiment caddy. Alan returns to his small table and is about midway though listening to the second song when he sees a screen pop telling him that a call is coming in from his friend Lance. Alan is subscribed to a unified communications (UC) service. Using its ?find me? feature, the UC service recognizes that he is located in a Wi-Fi cloud and automatically determines that it will be cheaper and offer better quality of service to deliver the call via VoIP over Wireless LAN.
  6. VoIP On Your Palm PDA 
    Palm users have been clamoring for VoIP on their Palm devices for quite some time. I've mentioned VoIP on Palm (including the Treo) in the past. mobiVoIP was the first to offer VoIP on a Palm device. However, mobiVoIP only works with their VoIP service plan. Many Palm users simply want a SIP softphone client that works with any SIP-based termination service provider. I also wrote about Talkplus, but they don't support SIP either and they too use their own phone service plan. Well, today, Hampton Software Limited announced the release of a new Palm VoIP product called Articulation for PalmOS, that supports the SIP standard and therefore works with any VoIP service provider that supports the SIP standard. I should mention that it only works with Palm OS 5.
  7. Palm VoIP Clint
    Articulation is an easy to use application that turns your Palm PDA into a VoIP Phone, enabling you to make and receive telephone calls using the internet. Articulation is the first service independent VoIP phone for PalmOS. There are some feature of palm VoIP Clint are following here:-
    * SIP VoIP protocol
    * Silence supression and GSM codec for low bandwidth links
    * Echo cancellation for hands free operation
    * Turns your PDA into a WiFi Phone (or Bluetooth/EV-DO/GPRS Phone)
    * Lookup and dial from you contact list
  8. VoIP Support coming to Palm
    Palm announced an agreement with VLI to enable VoIP (Voice over IP) capability on the Palm Tungsten C device. VoIP will allow users to send and receive voice communications over Wi-Fi networks. The application is called Palm Gphone, and should be available in June or July. There is a nice FAQ site in case you would like to learn more about this technology and its usability on the Palm OS. I have read a bit about VoIP, but wasn't that familiar with it myself until reading several sites while putting this blurb together. I understand that Pocket PC devices have had this ability for some time, and it is nice to see Palm catching back up. The functionality sounds amazing, and if you make international calls you can save some serious money using VoIP.
  9. VoIP USB Palm size Internet Phone
    USB Internet Phone allows you to make computer-to-computer or computer-to-phone calls. Compatible with various VOIP software and services such as Skype, Vonage soft phone, Net2Phone, X-Ten, StanaPhone, SJPhone, MSN Mesenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Firefly, eyeBeam and others. You can make free computer-to-computer calls or make computer-to-phone calls (may require paid subscription) using this phone. There are some feature of  VoIP USB Palm Internet phone are follow here:-* USB 1.1 or 1.0 connection to computer * Shaped like a regular phone for comfortable usage * Easy to use phone interface and number pad with redial button * Volume control on phone * Compatible with Window XP/ME/2000/98SE * Software is not included; driver is included



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