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VoIP Accessories

This page discusses - VoIP Accessories

VoIP Accessories

  1. VoIP Internet Phone & Accessories
    You've found VoIP internet phones and accessories. Get VoIP USB Internet Phones so you can make computer-to-computer or computer-to-phone calls. With appropriate VoIP service you can also make calls from your computer to landline or cell phones instead of using your long distance phone company. VoIP internet phones are compatible with various VOIP software and services such as Skype, Vonage soft phone, Net2Phone, X-Ten, StanaPhone, SJPhone, MSN Mesenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Firefly, eyeBeam and others. Some phones have integrated Skype functions allow you to navigate your Skype software from the phone. Also displays your Skypeout balance. We also carry various headset, headphones and earphones to make VoIP calls instead of using an internet phone. Headsets, headphones and earphones can be used with free VoIP software such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk to make free computer to computer calls. Or you can make calls to landline or cell phones if you have a paid subscription service.
  2. VoIP accessories free for new customers
    Really, the VoIP market in UK is booming. It appears that the number of VoIP service providers is increasing day by day. To lure the customers, they are coming up with new marketing strategies. Now take the case of Orbtalk. It has decided to offer free VoIP accessories for the new customers. Orbtalk plans to increase its customer's base in the UK. The leading hardware retailer Broadbandstuff supports Orbtalk. Orbtalk will provide a few free samples. The customers will get a free USB phone with 25 credit and free VoIP Phone Adapter with 50 credit once they sign up for the Orbtalk services. Orbtalk and Broadbandstuff will offer the customers a UK phone number. There is no contract or set-up fee to access the VoIP services of Orbtalk. 
  3. D-Link Skype VoIP USB phone Adapter
    Enhance your Skype? Internet Telephone Service with the DPH-50U Skype USB Phone Adapter. The Skype certified DPH-50U allows you to use your existing corded or cordless telephone to take advantage of Skype?s low cost calling features. Utilizing your existing telephone enables you to use your telephone?s built-in features such as speed dial, redial, mute and caller ID. Using a cordless phone even unties you from your computer while making Skype calls. Best of all, there is no additional equipment to buy to start using the DPH-50U.  The DPH-50U allows you to accept both regular telephone and Skype calls from the same phone giving you added flexibility. When you are talking to someone on your regular telephone line and receive an incoming Skype call, you can easily switch lines to take the Skype call or vice versa, just like a regular call-waiting feature. You can also do a conference call between regular telephone and Skype lines. For added convenience, the DPH-50U includes helpful LEDs to indicate whether you are receiving a regular telephone or Skype call.
  4. Computer - VoIP Accessories
    To get the most out of today?s PC audio applications, you?ll want a headset that uses the latest technology to deliver the best possible sound. That narrows it down-to the one headset company with a worldwide reputation for technological innovation and superior sound quality: GN Netcom. The GN Netcom stereo PC headset line makes it easy for you to find the right headset. The GN 501SC gives you style and sound quality. With the GN 503SC, you get premium sound and versatile comfort. And the GN 503USB adds the enhanced digital sound quality of the USB interface. All three boast premium features, like Neodymium drivers, noise-canceling microphones and in-line mute and volume controls. So whatever your need, whatever your budget, there?s a GN Netcom PC headset that?s right for you. 
  5. VoIP Port Converter AX301
    AX301 is a FXS to FXO port converter. People start to choose VOIP as a main communication rather than using normal PSTN line because of the expensive call charges. Users don?t need to spend another bill to buy another VOIP device. AX301 will be a very convenient product for those that using VOIP. It can convert FXS to FXO. AX301 can simply convert FXS port of VOIP to FXO. Once there is a ring from VOIP, if connect to the CO line immediately, so the user can dial out from CO line. In opposition, when the ring is from the CO line, it will connect to VOIP immediately. Till the busy tone is generates, AX301 disconnects both sides .


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