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Who can use Fleet Management?

There always remains a question that who can use fleet management, which are the companies that must go for fleet management. Read along to know to know do your company or organization need a fleet management?

There always remains a question that who can use fleet management, which are the companies that must go for fleet management. Read along to know to know do your company or organization need a fleet management?

But before we go any further on the list lets have a brief of what exactly is fleet management. Fleet refers to a group of vehicles, this group can be of trucks, public transport, ships or cars. And fleet management is all about managing and coordinating them, it in return help the concerned company to increase their productivity and also checks the overall operational cost. GPS and GLONASS technologies, skilled workers and some specific machines aid fleet management.

Transport Companies:

Most of the transport companies require fleet management. Transport companies have many vehicles like busses, cab or taxi, ferries, boats, which they use for providing transportation services. They all require management of their vehicles or there will be chaos all over. Most of the companies that are in this business have at least 50 - 100 vehicles or more working under, maintaining record of all them helps in the smooth functioning. Even in some cases the daily passenger list or money management all can be done with the helps of machines and all, these helps the company to be organized and work in a systematic way.

Truck Companies:

These are the companies that crucially require fleet management, as most of there trucks travel to farther places for loading and unloading of goods, they need to keep a track record of it. Truck companies mostly have 20 ? 30 trucks or more functioning under them and mostly they travel in a group. So, to keep a record of the items or good that are being loaded or unloaded comes under fleet management. Most of these trucks come loaded with GPS devices and are easy to track, and also these devices for future use keep the record. Managing their trucks can also increase overall productivity. Trucks have to travel far off places so chances of there misuse increases. Using the tracking technologies, owner checks such illegal and unwanted use.

Dispatching/Delivery Company:

Companies in this field will collapse if they stop monitoring or tracking their fleet. Every thing depends on time and this field. Delivery must be made at accurate time and to do so they require the aid of the GPS and other devices. Second portion is keeping a record of thousand of packages and where they should be sent and by which vehicle. A vehicle going north cannot carry a package of south. Owners are on risk at every passing minute to loose their customer in the situation of a delay. So they must manage their fleet as well as their staff. All the vehicles should be intact, security of vehicles and thus security of packages must be maintained.

Oil and Gas industry:

Last but not the least is the oil and gas industries. Most of their special trucks and specially the ships carrying oil must be tracked and monitored every second as they are carrying most valuable thing to human being. In case of ships management becomes necessary.

Today most of the organization depends on software, technologies and machines for fleet management as it is very difficult for them to hire a trained and dedicated staff to suitably manage vehicles and even if they do their expense will rise. Use of technology not only cut down the operational cost but also performs the work faster.


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Posted on: February 10, 2012

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