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How GPS is used in Fleet Management system

Most of the people ask this question that how GPS is used in fleet management system and how they can get benefit by its aid.

Most of the people ask this question that how GPS is used in fleet management system and how they can get benefit by its aid.

Actually its not rocket science, most of the vehicles today come equipped with a GPS device which can track their current location and at the same time can also keep a record of previous movement.

If you are wondering what on earth is GPS then here is a brief information about its working. Global Positioning System mostly known by its acronym GPS is a tracking device which in most of the cases come attached to vehicles but it can also be attached separately if a vehicle doesn?t have one. It works on radio signal that are transmitted by satellites and are received by GPS receiver attached to the vehicles. They display and keep record of all the information.

Now ask any fleet owner how hectic it is to monitor their vehicles. And it becomes impossible to work without a tracking device. Without GPS there has to be a lot of human power that too cannot maintain records so accurately.

GPS makes life easier of the owner of a fleet. So how it is used, lets see:

  • First come the navigation and direction that GPS provide to a fleet to reach its destination in time and in easy way. GPS collects data by the help of nearby towers and satellites than display the surrounding information to the driver using which he/she can decide which can be the best and shortest way to reach their destination way. It also helps them to avoid traffic thus saving fuel and lots of time. Since fleet management involves delivery timing GPS aids them in it.
  • Secondly, the owner managing fleet requires all the data from the license number of the vehicle to the number plate, from the name of the driver to his background, the destination the fleet is heading to the stoppage time and the route. All of it can be done single-handedly just by installing a GPS device in each of the vehicle and linking to a computer and specific software.
  • Since GPS monitors the minute-to-minute information and send them back to the owner, the chance of the misuse of fleet or even a vehicle decreases consistently. It ensures the security of the packages and vehicles too.
  • GPS has become inevitable part of fleet management and most of the private companies are using it to be protected, to increase productivity and to be on time.


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