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Advantages and Drawbacks of Fleet Management

One must look into all the advantages and drawbacks of Fleet Management when they are planning to go in the fleet business.

One must look into all the advantages and drawbacks of Fleet Management when they are planning to go in the fleet business.

Some of the advantages of fleet management are:

  • Since the owner and manager keep a tight eye on the fleet coursed it is hardly possible that any time is wasted by the driver?s of the fleet. It dramatically reduces the idling time. This helps cut short the over time of the driver?s and reduces the operational cost.
  • As the idling time is reduced the fuel usage is checked to, adding to it, tracking devices help the drivers to take the efficient route to their destination, this too help in saving some fuel.
  • Many insurance carrier cut down their insurance rate for the owners who go for automatic vehicle tracking systems.
  • As fleet management means keeping a tight eye on the fleet, it dramatically decreases the time of the delivery and satisfies the customer and client as most of the deliveries are made on or before time.
  • Fleet management involves keeping record and paperwork related to the work and the fleet. From the profile of the driver to the number of the vehicle to the items loaded and unloaded to the daily work assigned, everything must be on paper that forms a critical part of managing a fleet.
  • Tracking forms an important part of management of fleet. It involves technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and some sophisticated softwares. They reduce the risk of vehicle being used for illegal purposes and keep a close eye on every movement of the vehicle during the course. Since the driver knows that they are being watched they work efficiently and maximum output can be generated.
  • Many private businesses involve fleet as a transport service that involves buses, taxis, limousines and cabs. Now if a manger knows the exact location of every vehicle it becomes relatively easy for him to dispatch the nearest vehicle to outage. It saves money and time. This is fleet management.
  • Proper fleet management helps in saving time and money, brings coordination between manager and the fleet and increases productivity.
  • Drawbacks of fleet management:

    There are no big drawbacks of managing a fleet instead its advantages has a never-ending list. It helps the work to be done easily with less number of people and still the productivity increases.

    An owner must keep these advantages and drawbacks of Fleet Management before going in for the fleet business.



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