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What is Commercial Fleet Management?

In case you are wondering what is commercial fleet management and how it is different have a look at the following article to know more about it.

In case you are wondering what is commercial fleet management and how it is different have a look at the following article to know more about it.

Fleet includes a group of vehicles used in both public and private businesses for transport of goods, delivery of products, loading and unloading of items and also for transportation.

Public fleet mostly includes busses and cab facility that are mostly used for the passenger transportation. They require management in order to keep records and maintenance of such vehicles.

Commercial fleet includes private business companies in the field of delivery, furniture, automobiles, steel, wood, oil and many others. These businesses due to high competition need a flawless management of their fleet. This management includes maintenance of every vehicle, keeping record of speed, driver profiles, fuel management and others.

Why go for commercial fleet management? Now the question arises why one should go for managing its fleet. Commercial business is all about the coordination timing and discipline. And this applies to the commercial fleet too. A minute delay can deprive you of your precious customers. And a minute early can cater you rewards.

In recent times the cars or cabs or trucks or ships (all these fall under commercial fleet) come equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technologies. These technologies have made the mangers life easier. Earlier what you used to be a hectic and almost impossible task of keeping a close eye and maintenance is now relatively easy. These tracking devices keep record of the route in which fleet is moving, how many stops did they made, what was the timing of the stops, and is there and undesirable movement of the fleet.

Commercial fleet carries a lot of items and good every day, this has to be recorded by the manger in order to keep an eye. This too is management, if not performed it may lead to heavy losses.

Managing of vehicles present in a fleet helps increase their life span, durability, and ultimately the overall operational cost and maintenance cost is decreased resulting in high productivity.


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Posted on: February 13, 2012

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