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Benefits of Fleet Management

The fleet management has become crucial for the survival of a private company. Though the list of the benefits of fleet management is long, there are few which tops the list like Reduces Operational Cost, Monitoring the Movement, Long life of Vehicles etc..

With the advancement in the field of fleet businesses, fleet management has become crucial for the survival of a private company. It not only helps companies to have a control over their vehicles but also payoff with profits. Fleet management is aided by various tracking technologies available in the market.

Though the list of the benefits of fleet management is long, there are few which tops the list:

Reduces Operational Cost:

First and foremost is the reduction in operational cost. This is what every owner dreams of. Managing a fleet helps owners to keep a tight eye on them, which in turn helps in faster delivery or services. Use of tracking technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) guides the fleet in right direction, shortest way and keeps track of their path and stoppage time. This keeps the owner in a strong hold even when he is sitting at a distant place. All these use of technology and keeping track leads to on time delivery, less consumption of fuel, less staff cost and ultimately minimizes the total operational cost.

Monitoring the Movement:

There have been many examples where a vehicle from the fleet has been used for illegal purposes without the information of the owner. So, monitoring the movement of fleet and precisely of every vehicle has now become inevitable. The tracking technologies help knowing the position, direction and route of the fleet. Even the stoppage time and place of stoppage can be detected, which checks any undesired movement of fleet. As the drivers know that they are getting monitored so there are less chances of violation of speed limit.

Long life of Vehicles:

Another essential point that has much weight in it to be in the list is the life-cycle of vehicles. Vehicles in the fleet have a limited life span as they run continuously then they need servicing to delay their throw out. Fleet management includes the replacement and information of the condition of vehicles. This helps decide the owners to what is the best time to replace or service it. And hence the life of the vehicle is increased.

Other than this, surely saving fuel, monitoring driver's behavior and fuel management are the benefits that come intact with fleet management. It also helps keep record of previous delivery or services, which can come handy any time. Fleet management involves much software, which are linked to tracking system embedded in vehicles and display all the records generated by them.


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Posted on: February 10, 2012

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