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Building and Testing Struts Hibernate Plugin Application


In this section we will build and test our Struts Hibernate Integration application.

Compiling and packaging application

Since we are using ant build tool, so the compiling and packaging will done by ant tool. To compile and create war file for deployment, open console and go to "C:\Struts-Hibernate-Integration\code\WEB-INF\src" directory. Then just type ant, ant will create strutshibernate.war in the "C:\Struts-Hibernate-Integration\dist" directory.

Deploying and testing application

Copy strutshibernate.war  to the webapps directory of tomcat and start tomcat server. Now open the browser and type http://localhost:8080/strutshibernate/ in the browser. You browser should look like:

Now click on "Click here to test Search Tutorials" link.

Enter some search term say "java" and click on search button. You browser should display the search result as shown below.

Congratulations now you have successfully integrated your struts application with hibernate using Hibernate Struts Plugin.

You can download the code of this application from here.


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