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Why to Choose Social Media Marketing?

There are several means of advertising tools present in the current scenario, so why should we use Social Media Marketing (SMM)? Using social media marketing tools, the companies can enhance their scope/business to reach the customers.

Why to Choose Social Media Marketing?

There are several means of advertising tools present in the current scenario, so why should we use Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

As it is clear that Social Media Marketing is a type of marketing techniques over the internet in which the companies use social media as a tool to promote this products, services, brands, corporate images and many more things. Why? Because, using social media tool, the companies can enhance their scope of reach to the customers.

You can estimate the power of social media marketing by measuring the user base of these social media marketing sites. The biggest example is Facebook, as it ranks second on Alexa, website traffic ranking website and tool. According to official announcement of Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg, there are as much as 750-millions active users of Facebook in the world.

There is no tool except the internet through which any company can promote its product, brand, service to the world at a time, neither print nor electronic media. Web media has the power to have global presence in the entire world at the time, but it is also not 100% possible, as there are millions of website present over the internet and none in the world knows the name of all the websites. Only few extremely popular websites are accessed over the internet throughout the world?s users.

Social media websites are amongst them. Promoting your brand only over Facebook can reach to you to 750-millions global customers while if you use other social media marketing websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Twitter, Blogger, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, answers, wikis, StumbleUpon, Yahoo Group, MSN Group, Friendster, Bebo etc. you can enhance your reach to multi-folds.

The second reason is the cost. The Budget of the advertisement is also a crucial factor and if you uses several means of communications to enhance your reach you will require more budget and more efforts of customizing the advertisement form according to the means of communication like same form of advertisement can not be used on print, radio, television etc. It requires to customize it. So, it raise the budget.

The Social Media Marketing needs less customization and modifications and you can use the same form of advertisement over SMM.

The third crucial factor is reach and global presence through Social Media Marketing Strategy. The social media websites are used everywhere across the world because of its rich feature and user-friendliness. On the contrary, no television channel, no radio channel or no newspaper contains global presence. It can be present into some countries but not in all, while social media websites are accessed everywhere day and night.

Overall, Social Media Marketing is an effective marketing tool with maximum target audience and in minimum budgets and efforts.


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