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Shopping cart


A web based shopping cart is something like the original grocery shop shopping cart that is used by the customer in selecting certain products. Finally after selection the customer confirms orders for all the purchasing items and submits his/her account details with tax information at the checkout counter. 

Shopping cart is used around the world in e-commerce to manage business through online. There are different kinds of software available that are useful for all in making purchase online. Through this software, one can choose the purchasing item and the software calculates the net amount for the order including packaging, moving and also taxes if applicable. 

The software collects the credit card information of the customer but it provides a secure gateway for all kinds of transaction online. The shopping cart software provides a reliable platform for keeping all sensitive information. For this kind of online business, the special software must be installed on the server which host the site, or on a secure server which receives all sensitive data. 

Shopping cart software are usually implemented by using HTTP cookies (for tracking and maintaining internet privacy). There are two kinds of software such as download-installing and this often require one time fee. The other one is the Hosted service model for which the payment is given in terms of monthly and annually. Also called Application Service Provider (ASP) this provides some additional features to users including customizing the web pages by choosing, color, logos, uploading picture of the selling items and typing their features etc. These kind of software are also updated time by time for security reasons.     

Features and Benefits
Shopping cart software systems connect to both your websites and customers account in running your business through Internet. It also provides several other features using a very easy technology. 

  • Manages mailing list - The software manages all your customers mails and  
  • Payment processing - Manages online credit card payments. 
  • WebPages design, graphics - Usually based on HTML code which are easy to design WebPages. Also you can upload images and can prepare your storefront design.  
  • Customer management - This feature of the customer helps in finding out the previous purchase records of the customer.  
  • Shipping tool - Almost all software offers shipping tools that calculates packaging and moving cost based on the given parameters.
  • Tax calculator - This assists in calculating taxes for online sales. 
  • Language configurable - All the webpages use template HTML files that can be edited in any language. 

Above all the most important feature of any shopping cart software is its security as better security can attract customer by protecting their personal information. Security features include encrypting information and using a reputable processing service for credit cards. 

E-commerce shopping software is applicable for all kinds of goods whether physical or any kind of down loadable goods or services like E-books, music, game or any other software. This accepts payment in any international currency and also in checks, COD, E-checks and in any other common means of exchange. Thus, it is useful for a number of purposes and emerging as an important part for smooth e-commerce transition.


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