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Why the Google Penguin update is good for SEO

Google Penguin 2.0 update, which has been recently rolled out by Google is being looked as good for White-Hat SEO. This update is downgrading the ranking of websites indulged in unrelated linking, keyword stuffing and duplicate content.

Google Penguin 2.0 update is aimed to cut down spam, penalize duplicate content and degrade weak websites from the search results. Latest Google Penguin update is good for SEO, well specially for white-hat SEO and not black-hat SEO.

Google Penguin 2.0 has been said to improve the quality of search results. There have been for everyone when you have been re-directed to a site with nothing on it or the content is misguided. These types of websites have links just to increase the traffic and they have been prevalent from the starters. But with the introduction of Penguin, this operation reduced dramatically and with the latest Penguin update, Google is trying to deepen it further.

Latest Google penguin update penalizes the backlinks that are created by SEO tricks or by buying them even though there is no relevance between two websites. But at the same time, Google is rewarding sites having strong content even though they have less links.

SEO, who used to generate link juice by paying for it, now have to stop it with immediate affect as it looks that the new update is specifically targeting them.

Web spamming techniques adopted by black-hat SEOs are under scrutiny with this update. Keyword-stuffing, unscrupulous SEO techniques, duplicate content all are being downgraded by search engines. Many websites big or small have been affected by this update. Serious fall have been registered in the ranking of these websites.

With the introduction of Google Penguin 2.0 SEO are being forced to forfeit unrelated linking patterns and unrelated back linking that were once the driving force for traffic and ranking.

This update is checking all the back links for relevancy and if they are just to bring link juice with no genuine content that can help user or viewers, Google is punishing them to the length of lowering the ranking of particular page.

The recent update is a good sign for White Hat SEO who has been working hard but not have been getting expected results. Now with Penguin 2.0 their hard work is being paid and small websites have seen great jump in search results of search engines.

Block the duplicate content on your website with immediate affect, change your link schemes by limiting excessive link exchange, stop keyword stuffing and focus on knowledge-rich content which can benefit users. Only right SEO techniques will now, in future and in long term will help your website.



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