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What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin was released by Google for reducing web spamming and decreasing the ranking of the websites having overabundance of manipulative links and back links embedded in their site to increase search engine optimization. Let us know in detail about What is Google Penguin?

Introduced on April 24, 2012, Google penguin is a code name given to Google algorithm update with an objective to decrease the ranking of websites in search engine, which tends to violate the Google's Webmaster Guidelines with the use of unethical and black-hat SEO tools and techniques such as duplicate content creation, keyword stuffing, cloaking and other methods. Moreover, the updates of Google Penguin algorithm are made available on web for public viewing.

Basically, Penguin has been designed to improve the search results for the users in web browsers. The idea behind the introduction of Google Penguin is to target those websites, which aim to optimize their search results by using inappropriate and large amount of unsolicited and manipulative links to their websites. Since the launch of Google Penguin, it has been working on identifying those websites with superfluity manipulative links embedded in their website for search engine optimization. In addition to that, Google has been updating Google Penguin algorithm to make it more authentic and effective.

Who is a Defaulter?

Initially, the launch of Google's Penguin was aimed on the websites with highest percentage of irrelevant and manipulative links. In this, those websites which were relying for more than 80% on manipulative linking strategies for optimizing search engines. However, the percentage slipped down as time passed and by the end of the year it came to 50% as large numbers of websites were coming under defaulters under Penguin algorithm.

The introduction of Google Penguin has created a buzz among the SEO's and Webmaster as Google is coming up with more advance updates of Penguin making it more difficult for the websites with large amount of spammy links in their websites. The launch of new Google updates have increased the burden for the SEO's and Webmaster to clean up the irrelevant links from their websites to maintain their search engine ranks.

Google's Penguin feedback form

However, the release of Penguin update has made a great impact on various websites. So, Google has created a Penguin feedback form for two categories of users to make it fairer. The first form is for those who wants to report for some website which are still high in rank irrespective of large number of manipulative links still present in their website. The second form is for those users who think that their website is suffering unfairly hit by the Penguin algorithm update.

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