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What changes are needed by SEO after the Google Penguin Update?

Here are the changes that a SEO needs to make in their website in order to recover from the recent Google Penguin 2.0 update. Try to avoid links from a low ranking website, enrich your content and avoid exact match anchor text.

If you are a SEO and if you wondering what changes should I make in my website after the recent Google Penguin update in order to bring back the ranking, then here are few tips and suggestions that may help in bringing back the lost ranking.

But first in order to find the solution one must know the problem. You must know why your ranking degraded.Google Penguin 2.0 update is a major update in Google's algorithm atleast as Matt Cutts is pointing out and it certainly has affected the ranking of websites all over the world.

What SEO used to do was to target the search engine rather than targeting the audience. Once they were up in ranking, traffic automatically followed. But the audience suffered, they were not getting what they wanted and were just re-directed to a site with nothing remotely close on it to what they were searching. Google decided enough is enough and is now sternly punishing such websites and blogs that target keyword and use tricks to gain ranking and traffic.

So, here are few changes a SEO must carry out after the Google Penguin 2.0 update in order to recover its ranking:

  • Avoid links from a low ranking websites:
  • Just to gain ranking what SEO does is get link from every website even when it is unrelated and the websites is spam or untrustworthy. Such links will no longer help with ranking. And if the website from which the link is generates is penalized there are chances that so does your website.

  • Enrich your Content:
  • Low quality content, duplicate content, missing content and keyword stuffed content, all will only make your website or blog suffer. Content should not be focusing on keywords but should provide knowledge to readers. Multiple URLs linked to one article should also be stopped. Stop posting same article on different article marketing sites. Depend on original, genuine and knowledge rich content.

  • Avoid Exact match Anchor Text:

What many blogs and few small websites do in their link building process is to target one or two keywords for the ranking. Penguin 2.0 has made clear intention to punish such blogs and websites. Links having same keywords in your website or on other (directed towards you) must be "no follow". Spread and mix up your anchor text, use partial matching anchor text or use branded anchor text.



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