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How to overcome Google Penguin Update?

Learn about the Google Penguin Update and understand about changes you need to make in your SEO strategy.

Learn how to overcome Google Penguin Update by making necessary changes in your website.

To overcome Google Penguin update is a popular search word these days among the web practitioners and SEO experts. Let us have a look at this emerging term and how far it is important for web practices. In the last decade as Google almost became synonymous to the rule setter in the SEO space, the quality control measures are at decisive position for ranking web pages as Google is increasingly concerned of adding value to web experience. Google Penguin update is the latest tool that is specifically geared towards punishing some SEO practices that are according to Google webmaster guidelines are considered as Black Hat SEO practices. The ultimate motive of Google Penguin update is to provide the web users more search specific results with genuine and unique informative articles and blogs rather than so called higher ranked articles with cloaked content, stuffing keywords, copied or same content in multiple websites to promote a particular product or service or to higher the rank, etc.

All these practices which are devoid of any genuine or unique information for the web reader and all sorts of practices that rely on taking backdoor to search rankings rather than unique and informative content are a strict no-no to Google webmaster guidelines and so the constraint of Google Penguin update for putting constraint to these practices.  So or a genuine content developer with White Hat SEO practices to overcome Google Penguin update just mean to continue with what he is doing, but for others who are trying to play with Google with false, copied content for quick promotion of business there is no alternative to renounce the so called quick strategy and starting to create value for the readers while promoting business or seeking remuneration from their web presence.

Just think in a positive manner and you will nevertheless come to the conclusion that Google Penguin update is favoring the fair practice of creating genuine content to add value to the web experience and thus positioning your business interest in legitimate and fair manner rather than employing back door tricks. Honesty, integrity and becoming genuinely becoming creative is the only policy to overcome Google Penguin update, let us see how.

  • Unique, effective and presentable content that make the reader stay on the page with equally genuine interest. Remember still content is the game maker when it comes to SEO and Google does not tolerate any playing with this!
  • Quality links can as well be a good SEO technique and if you are cautious enough about the Google webmaster guidelines about linking you already have an idea how to overcome Google Penguin update. Genuine content with links that guides the reader to highly ranked pages or websites that have expertise on the topic discussed is always proved to be genuine. But when a link carries the reader to a page where the reader unnecessarily has to hang reading or looking on some business promotion content, is no longer tolerated by Google and be prepared to face the wrath of Google Penguin update!
  • Cloaking is one of the most widely practiced black hat SEO techniques that are most frequently punished by Google. There are some sites who post the same content on different connected pages, but after Google Penguin update in place it is no longer possible to come up in search rankings with such technique.
  • Most importantly what even big names of web sometimes fail to do is to give due credit to the source of information that they collaborated into their content. If you are still doing the same beware that to overcome Google Penguin update will not be anymore easy with this going on.
  • Meta keyword stuffing is one of the cheapest black hat tactics Google is particularly serious about. You come to a web page and startled to find that the page is displaying a stuffing of the same keywords and nothing else. It is high time to stop such tricky games!
  • Hidden content is another such black hat practice that you must avoid if you are keen to overcome the Google Penguin update obstacles to search ranking. Hidden content is not seen by the reader, yet he is guided to a page that has no direct link to what he is looking for.
  • Finally effective keyword research and serving the most demanded search tags with unique and presentable content is the best way to come up the search ranks and drive away the worries concerning the Google Penguin update



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