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JSF Architecture

JSF was developed integrating MVC design pattern so that applications can be designed well with greater maintainability.

JSF Architecture


JSF was developed integrating MVC design pattern so that applications can be designed well with greater maintainability. To understand this fact we need to understand what is MVC design pattern, how MVC helps to design an application well and how can we make our web application easy to maintain.

The MVC design pattern splits an application design into three separate parts:

 Model :       handles data and logic.

 View :    handles output (presentation)

 Controller:       handles processing of an application.

MVC model?s purpose is to separate model and presentation to enable  developers to set focus on their core skills and collaborate more clearly. If you have to create many pages for presentation then you have to concentrate only on view layer rather than model and controller layer because you can reuse code for controller and model.

In the same way if you want to change the code for model then you typically need not to change view layer.

Controllers are used to process user actions. In this process layer model and views may be changed.

The best advantages of JSF is that it is both a Java Web user-interface standard and a framework that fits well with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. It offers a clean separation between presentation and behavior. MVC pattern helps persons of different skill sets to work separately so tasks can be completed in parallel. UI can be created by page author using reusable UI components and business logic part can be implemented using managed beans.


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April 3, 2012

Need to know in and out of JSF
April 19, 2012
Very Very Bad Site i never saw

This is very very bad site i never saw, may be it has useful information , but the site is not at all organized, im clicking next still in same page, index same page, Bullshit.
Udaya Shankar
May 2, 2012
JAVA JSF Architecture Overview

Hello dear sir/madam Kindly send me the typical structure of JSF Architecture along with an example. Warm Regards Uday.
dilip kumar,kenexa visakhapatnam
June 8, 2012
very useful for beginners

thank you for roseindia for giving us valuable information which is easy to understand.