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Features of JDBC 3.0 API

Reusabilty of prepared statements by connection pools. In this version there is number of properties defined for the ConnectionPoolDataSource.

Features of JDBC 3.0 API


  1.  Reusabilty of prepared statements by connection pools.
  2. In this version there is number of properties defined for the ConnectionPoolDataSource. These properties can be used to describe how the PooledConnection objects created by DataSource objects should be pooled.
  3. A new concept has been added to this API is of savepoints: One of the useful new features is transactional savepoints. With JDBC 3.0, the transactional model is now more flexible. Now you can start a transaction , insert several rows in it and then create a savepoint. This savepoint serves as a bookmark. The application can rollback to the savepoint and then commit the group of inserts as if the updates have never been attempted.  For eg:

    Statement st=connection.createStatement();
    int rowcount=st.executeUpdate("insert into employee  values("tim"));
    int rowcoutn=st.executeUpdate("insert into salary values(20000.0);
    Savepoint sv=connection.setSavePoint("savepoint");  //create save point for inserts
    int rowcount=st.executeUpdate("delete from employee");
    connection.rollback(sv);    //discard the delete statement but keeps the inserts
    connection.commit();    //inserts are now permanent
  4. Retrieval of parameter metadata.
  5. It has added a means of retrieving values from columns containing automatically generated values.
  6. Added a new data type i.e. java.sql.BOOLEAN.
  7. Passing parameters to CallableStatement.
  8. The data in the Blob and Clob can be altered: JDBC 3.0 introduces a standard mechanism for  updating BLOB and CLOB data.
  9. DatabaseMetaData API has been added.
  10. It allows stored procedure parameters to be called by name.


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