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Hibernate Features

In this section we will see Hibernate features.

Hibernate Features

In this section we will see Hibernate features.

Hibernate is an Open Source persistence technology. Hibernate provide a way of mapping of applications class to the database table.

Main Features : It is ORM based and provide persistence management solution or persistent layer. It maps database
tables to a class.

Here we are giving some features in points -

  • Hibernate provides Object/Relational mappings. Here is different O/R mapping strategies as multiple-objects to single-row mapping,
    Polymorphic associations, bi-directional association, association filtering. It also provide XML mapping documents.
  • It provides different object oriented query languages. Minimal object oriented Hibernate query language(HQL), native SQL queries,
    High object oriented concept of criteria.
  • It provide transparent persistence without byte code processing.
  • It introduces automatic Dirty Checking concept.
  • It supports Detached object concept.
  • It supports tough concept of composite keys.
  • Automatic generation of primary key.
  • Hibernate provides Dual-layer Cache Architecture.
  • It provides session level cache and optional second-level cache.
  • It introduces Lazy initialization.
  • Hibernate provide outer join fetching.
  • It supports optimistic locking with versioning.
  • Optionally provide internal connection pooling and prepared statement caching.
  • At system initialization time it generate SQL.
  • It provide feature of J2EE integration.
  • It supports JMX and JCA.



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