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Hibernate Data types

This section lists Hibernate data types.

Hibernate Data types

This section lists Hibernate data types.

Hibernate Data Types :

Hibernate data type plays an important roll as it acts like a bridge between java types and DB data types.
It is necessary to choose correct data type during table creation. Hibernate data types are used when we write
hibernate mapping files(*.hbm.xml) . This is also known as mapping types.

Here we are categorizing the mapping types in  Hibernate -

1. Primitive Types :

Java Type Hibernate Type SQL Type
int/java.lang.Integer integer  INTEGER
long/java.lang.Long long BIGINT
short/java.lang.Short short SMALLINT
float/java.lang.Float float Float
double/java.lang.Double double DOUBLE
java.math.BigDecimal big_decimal NUMERIC
java.lang.String character CHAR(1)
java.lang.String string VARCHAR
byte/java.lang.Byte byte TINYINT
boolean/java.lang.Boolean boolean BIT
boolean/java.lang.Boolean yes_no CHAR(1)('Y' or 'N')
boolean/java.lang.Boolean true/false CHAR(1)('T' or 'F')

2.Date and Time Type :

Java Type Hibernate Type SQL Type
java.util.Date/java.sql.Date date DATE
java.util.Date/java.sql.Time time TIME
java.util.Date/java.sql.Timestamp timestamp TIMESTAMP
java.util.Calender calender TIMESTAMP
java.util.Calender calender_date DATE

3.Binary and Large Object Type :

Java Type Hibernate Type SQL Type
byte[] binary VARBINARY/BLOB
java.lang.String text CLOB
any java class that implements serializable VARBINARY/BLOB
java.sql.Clob clob CLOB
java.sql.Blob blob BLOB

4.Other JDK-related Type :

Java Type Hibernate Type SQL Type
java.lang.Class class VARCHAR
java.util.Locale locale VARCHAR
java.util.TimeZone timezone VARCHAR
java.util.Currency currency VARCHAR



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