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Hibernate Advantages

In this section we will discuss hibernate advantages.

Hibernate Advantages

In this section we will discuss hibernate advantages.

Hibernate Advantages : Hibernate is ORM based java technologies.

1.Hibernate is free from database dependency so same block of code will work for all databases. This feature saves development time.

2.Hibernate is based on concept of ORM.Database table is treated as an object. It generates SQL automatically so no need to learn SQL.

3.Hibernate introduces strong object oriented concept of criteria.

4.Hibernate gives you the benefits of Caching. It allows to enable a JVM-level/cluster cache to memory and/or local disk.

5.It provides efficient Collection handling. It inserts/updates/deletes collection rows that actually changed.

6.It can roll two unrelated updates of the same object into one statement.

7.In hibernate xml file all the relations between tables are mentioned, which helps in better understanding.

8.lazy loading concept is also included in hibernate so you can easily load objects on start up time.

9.Hibernate also provide automatic versioning of rows.

10. It introduces the concept of transparent persistence as in hibernate automatically mapping of object to database table is done.

11.Hibernate allows dirty checking feature. It saves developer's time and effort in updating of database when states of objects are modified inside a transaction.
Hibernate automatically detects the object states whenever changed and synchronized with the database in order to update.


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