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Dojo drag and drop


In this section, you will learn about dojo drag and drop.

Drag and Drop: This is a technique of dragging an item. Click an object or specific item that have to be dragged and dropped,  you hold down the mouse button and drag the object to the suitable destination.

Try Online: Drag and Drop




Here is the code of Program:

  <title>Dojo Drag and Drop Example</title>

    <script type="text/javascript" src="dojo.js" djConfig="parseOnLoad: true">

    <script type="text/javascript"

  <h1>Drag and Drop</h1>
  <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
      <td valign="top">
        <!-- Source -->
          <div dojoType="dojo.dnd.Source" jsId="sourceData" class="source">
              <b style="background-color:#999999 ">Source Data</b>
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="vinod">
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="suman">
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="amar">
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="ravi">
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="aman">
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="deepak">
                  <div><img src="1.jpg" /></div>
              <div class="dojoDndItem" dndType="deepak">
                  <div><img src="2.jpg" /></div>
      <td valign="top">
        <!-- Target -->
        <div dojoType="dojo.dnd.Target" jsId="targetData" class="target" 
            <b style="background-color:#999999; ">Target Data</b>



If you drag and drop the items, you get:


Try Online:


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the example does not work ...

Posted by patrik on Monday, 06.14.10 @ 21:14pm | #97577

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It wont't work, cos there is a mistake in this code, dnd.source should be dnd.Source, if you look at javascript errors, the dojotype name is missplelt

Posted by xx on Wednesday, 12.9.09 @ 16:55pm | #93223

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online example does not work you cunt wasted my time

Posted by james on Wednesday, 07.8.09 @ 12:34pm | #89147

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The example does not work when we try online.

Posted by Leela Addagulla on Tuesday, 01.13.09 @ 15:30pm | #83791

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The Online Example of the Drag and Drop doesn't work. The links and the mouse are normal.

Posted by William Brandy on Wednesday, 12.10.08 @ 07:35am | #82605

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the online example of the drag and drop doesn't work.I don't know why.
Have you a idea

Posted by ing on Monday, 09.29.08 @ 19:25pm | #80782

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