What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is always know to be a great operating system especially for programmers and this makes linux hosting one of the favourite server operating platforms for the programmers. But if you want to deploy linux hosting for your need, you need to first know what is Linux Hosting?

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is an operating system that is developed and licensed as open source software that can be accessed by any web developer and services. Linux is typically an operating system that supports a great array of programming languages and server side scripts making it a preferred operating system for network servers and cloud services. Presently along with Windows hosting services Linux hosting is one of the two most popular server operating platforms. A whopping 90% or more of the supercomputers today run on Linux operating system or some of its variants. Being the open source software and one that supports great array of programming scripts the popularity of Linux is nearly unmatched for web hosting services. Before going on the various pros and cons concerning Linux hosting, let us first get down to the definition and technical specification of Linux hosting.


To define Linux hosting in most accurate and precise terms, it is the type of web hosting that is run by servers with Linux operating system installed inside. In other words to say when the servers of the web hosting service are run by Linux operating system and make Linux features available to the hosting clients without the need for them to install Linux, it is called Linux hosting. The servers run by Linux operating system are well acclaimed by the service providers and IT users for their stability and wide feature set. The programming software of Linux used by the server becomes automatically available to the recipients of hosting services and thus the rich features of Linux can automatically be accessed on the website if one chooses Linux hosting.

Why choose a Linux hosting service?

In choosing a type of web hosting definitely there are important considerations to make. While Windows web hosting is perfect for those who typically will use a SQL server or database and use ASP, Linux hosting is better option for clients keen on using design centric web languages like PHP, Ruby, Pearl, Python or CGI scripting. While Windows hosting clients use a SQL server or MS SQL, Linux hosting recipients use MySQL database.

Pros and Cons of Linux hosting

Every type of web hosting has its definite range of benefits and drawbacks that in the IT world of today is a serious matter of consideration in choosing a hosting service for a website. If you require to launch a website that would be versatile on development and design aspects it is better to go with Linux since it supports an array of state of the art web development languages while being extremely stable and reliable for the developers. Let us list the pros and cons of Linux hosting one by one.


  1. Linux is open source free software that over the years is subject to enormous developments in the hands of programmers and developers making it most versatile with many variants while being extremely cost effective and inexpensive. Naturally a Linux hosting is supposed to offer a better competitive and better pricing than others.
  2. Linux is the most versatile operating system that goes with design centric languages like PHP and Pearl as well as working perfect with SQL databases and CGI script. This versatility made it perfect choice for hosting environment.
  3. Widest range of web development and programming are presently happening based on Linux operating system making it edged over others as a choice to accommodate future technologies in the hosting environment.
  4. Being client of Linux hosting incorporating new functionality, design aspects and updating your site is much easier than other types of hosting.


  1. While Linux is more popular among developers it is still lacking in mass market appeal compared to the Windows or similar programming languages.
  2. Compared to Linux Windows hosting can access a slightly better variety of databases.