Apache Log4J is the leading logging framework in Java.

Apache Log4J is free Java based unit testing tool which is extensively used while the development of the application. It is mostly used for the unit testing of the code.

Apache Log4J is the leading logging framework - User Apache Log4J for unit testing of your code.

As we know, logging is an important part for any software development exercise and it is well written logging code, which provides the easy debugging and maintenance and applications runtime and useful information. Since logging is the significant component for the application, the log4j help us in this context.

What is Log 4 J:  Apache log 4j is a unique kind of logging library for Java, which was developed by the developers of Apache Software Foundation. In fact, Apache log 4j important is such kind of project, which is commonly known as the Apache logging.

Log4j is the highly configurable devices that help in the external configuration files running successfully and it also views the logging process for the sake of all the levels of priorities and mechanisms. Certainly the device provides the mechanism related to the direct logging sources and it also disseminate to these information to the various destinations including the database, file and UNIX etc.

In fact, Log4j was started in the early 1006 as tracing API for the E.U. SEMPER and just after its inception, its witnesses several enhancements and innovations before it completely changed into the log4j. Apart from these, Log4j uses multiple levels and log output can be changed as per our necessity.

Log4j consists of various features, which make it as significant tools to fulfill today’s need. Log4j is optimized for speed and also is it supportive to multiple output appenders and also optimized for speed.

Log4j Components consists of three kinds of components like loggers, appenders and layouts. These three components are responsible for the capturing logging information, publishing logging information to other destinations and lastly to format logging information in separate style.

There are various reasons, which enables Log4j for its significant features in the leading Java logging framework. If we consider a latest survey, then it come in light that the SLF 4J is the most often uses device for the purposes of logging facade with 61 per cent supporters.

There may be some confusion for the actual successor of the Log4j, but there is no doubt that Log4j2 will be the actual one. With its various salient features, it is able to fulfill all the lacks in itself.

Log4j2 is not only a fantastic and effective in nature, it has been developed with the umbrella of the Apache foundation and it takes all care of the same. With taking all the lessons from the past, the researchers have made Log4J2 in such a way, which will focus for your target like Log4j2 to make it fast and stable.

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Apache Log4J is the leading logging framework in Java.

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