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NSArray Count Example  
In the example, we are going to count the number of elements in an array in objective c programming.In Objective C language, Count is a primitive instance method that returns the number of objects available in an array..

Objective C Array  
In a simple term we can say that array is a object, which is a collection of number of other objects. In Objective C, we can also add and remove the objects from the given list of array if the array is declared mutable..

iPhone UISwitch Action  
UISwitch Class: Provides a method to control on and off state in your application. For example if you wanted to receive a alert when your application receive any updates you can set it to on, if your application got the switch feature. .

Methods in Objective c  
If the method is declared with "+" sign suggest that it's a class method where as method that begins with the "-" sign makes it a instance method. The method declaration in objective c also take arguments and return types..

Declaring Method in Objective C  
In Objective C we can declare two types of methods "Class Method" and "Instance Method" Where + sing denotes the Class method and - sign denotes the Instance method. .

UITableViewCell Wrap Text - an Example  
In the example, we are discussing about the setting of UITableViewCell to warp the text in multiple lines. Though you can do the setting directly through nib, but in the example we are doing it programatically..

UIButton setTitle:forState:  
setTitle:forState: is the method of UIButton Class, which is used to set the title of the UIButton for different states. These states could be any from the given list?.

iPhone Pick images from Photo Library  
In this example application we are going to show you how to pick an image from photo library. .

UIView Access Subviews  
In the example, you'll learn how to create and access a subview on UIView. .

iPhone Single Tap and Double Tap Example  
The example discuss about single tapping / double tapping on UIView and it also explains how to represent the UIIMage in different modes such as displaying image on the Top, center or bottom of the UIView.

UIIMageView Add Image  
initWithImage is a image declaring method that is used to declare the image while while creating a UIImageView. .

UIWebView Background Color  
If you wanted to change the background color on UIWebView in iPhone SDK, then you required to set the background color of UIWebView using UIColor..

iPhone Change Button Text  
The example illustrate how to change the text of UIButton on click. Basically UIButton is a object that is handled by UIControl class, which defines the behavior of all the objects such as UIButton, UILabel, sliders etc...

UITableView Background Color  
To change the background color of UITableView in iPhone application, you just need to write the given line of code into the tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath..

scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval Example  
scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval is a one of the class method of the NSTimer class, which is used to create timers. In general, we can say that NSTimer .

iPhone MapView Current Location  
This is a simple MKMapView example in iPhone for the beginners. In the example we'll discuss about how to display a map on UIView..

MapView Example in iPhone  
The example illustrate how to embed or display a MapView in iPhone SDK UIView based application. .

iPhone Application Icon  
The example will illustrate how to add an icon on the iPhone application in Xcode. Before adding the application icon in iPhone make sure that the icon size is 57x57 and it should be a png one..

becomeFirstResponder UITextField  
In this iPhone SDK example, we are going to discuss about becomeFirstResponder that belongs to UIResponder class. .

Embedding HTML in iPhone App  
This example illustrate you how to embed the HTML in iPhone application. To embed the HTML file we required a UIWebView that will load the page in our application. .

iPhone Transparent UIWebView  
Generally, UIWebView class is used to embed the web content into your application including background color of that page too. .

UITableViewCell selectedBackgroundView  
In any iphone UItable based application we have lots of options to customize the look and feel of Table View. For example we can either add color or background image to cellView..

UITableViewCell Color  
By default UITableViewCell takes "StyleNone" except this default style it has two more style called StyleBlue and StyleGray..

setBackgroundImage UIButton  
In this example, we are going to discuss about how to set the background image to a UIButton in iPhone..

Create UIButton Programmatically  
This is a simple programming approach to create and add a button on UIView dynamically. To create a button programmatically just follow the given steps....

UIButton Image Size  
In this example we are going to discuss about how to set image size and setting image as a UIButton background.

UIButton Image Change  
In this series of iPhone UIButton examples, we are going to discuss about UIButton and how to get the image changed on button clicks..

UIButton Highlighted - UIControlStateHighlighted  
In this example we are going to change the image of button while highlighting it. "Highlighted" is the state of control that occurs when touch enters and exits on control..

iPhone Create SubView  
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create & add subView onto the UIView..

iPhone UILabel Color  
In this example we'll discuss about the UILabel class and it properties such as textcolor, shadowColor etc.. that customize the appearance of text in your iPhone applications..

loadRequest uiwebview  
The example exhibits the use of loadRequest method in UIWebView..

Current Date iPhone SDK  
In this example, you'll find out how to get current date & day in iPhone SDK. We'll also write a method to print the day and date of weekend in the same week..

Orientation iPhone SDK  
While developing the application in iPhone please keep in mind that landscape orientation is not possible in the case of TabBar application. Every time you need to hide the tabbar whenever orientation is changed from portrait to landscape..

UINavigationbar barStyle  
While creating UINavigation, NavigationController provides us number of properties to customize it. And "barStyle" is one of them. .

Rotating UIViewController  
In this example, we are going to show you.. how to rotate your UIView into both portrait or landscape orientation..

Gradient Background iPhone  
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to change UINavigationBar Color in Gradient. This example is similar to our previous one, only difference is that this time we are passing four arguments to the tintColor in different range. .

Change Button Text iPhone  
In a UINavigationController based application, most of the time you can find that the back button on TopView shows the same title as the previous view has. And it looks quite odd when the title is too long. But luckily we can change the button text in iPhone app. .

UINavigationBar Color - iPhone example  
The example is discussing about how to change the color of UINavigationBar. In iPhone applications you can customize the UINavigationBar and change their color either programmatically or by Interface builder. This term is also know as "UINavigationbar tintcolor". .

Background Image for Navigation Bar  
The tutorial illustrates how to add background image for UINavigationBar. .

UINavigationController Set Title - iPhone  
This UINavigation example exhibits how to set Title to the Navigation Bar. The reason behind setting title for UINavigation bar is to present the data in more efficient and user convenient way..

Remove From Super View - removeFromSuperview  
In iPhone application programming, UIView contain number of methods to manage the view hierarchy such as removeFromSuperview....

iPhone TabBar Application Tutorial - UITabBar  
The basic idea behind using a Tab Bar application is to let the user easily browse through the application. In iPhone programming you can see that the UITabBar actually implements a modal interface that change the UIView on tapping it..

iPhone Detail Disclosure Button  
iPhone Detail Disclosure Button.

Creating UIView Programmatically  
The example will show you how to create a UIView programmatically. .

Push View Controller - Example  
In this pushViewController example, you'll find the way to make transition between two views..

UIView Image Background  
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add image at background in UIView. There are two different ways of adding background image in your iphone application...

iPhone Quiz App Tutorial  
iPhone Quiz App Tutorial, In this simple iPhone quiz application tutorial, we are going to learn how to create simple quiz in iphone..

iPhone Font Size  
iPhone Font Size, iPhone Font Size, In this example we are going to change the iphone font size and color. .

iPhone Button Click Sound  
iPhone Button Click Sound, In this series of iPhone button tutorial, we are going to create a small iphone application that is going to play a sound on clicking the button in iPhone SDK.

iPhone String Match  
iPhone String Match - In this "String match" example we are going to use "rangeofstring" method, which is used to search for a string within the given set of string. .


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