Puducherry Tourism Information

The puducherry tourism offers the opportunity to see idiosyncratic colonial heritage buildings, tree lined arteries, the ethereal scenes, back water, virgin beaches and of coarse the French connection have always been a matter of attraction to the visitors. The spiritual seekers find peace in the tranquil atmosphere of Pondicherry.



Puducherry Tourism: The Vision of Aurobindo Conceptualized by Mother

Consisted of four coastal regions namely Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam Puducherry preferably known as Pondicherry is a small calm town on the southern coast. At the same time Puducherry Tourism in its own way is a popular Tourist destination for the visitors. The Puducherry tourism offers the opportunity to see idiosyncratic colonial heritage buildings, tree lined arteries, the ethereal scenes, back water, virgin beaches and of coarse the French connection have always been a matter of attraction to the visitors. The spiritual seekers find peace in the tranquil atmosphere of Pondicherry.

Prime Tourism Places of Puducherry:

Tour to Sri Aurobindo Ashram: A Hub of Spirituality

Situated on rue de la marine Sri Aurobindo one of the most popular and wealthiest ashram of India seeks devotees not only from India but also from all over the world. Amalgamation of yoga and modern science has made it unique in its approach to the world. The history related with the origin of yoga is deeply rooted in the past when Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, an eminent philosopher and poet has been escaped to Puducherry during British realm and finally had found peace in divine realm and yoga.

Mirra Alfassa the Persian mystic, musician and painter has been the follower of Sri Aurobindo and also initiated to set the ashram. She has been the mother of the idea of Auroville or the 'City of Dawn'. After the death of Aurobindo in 1950 the running of the ashram has been relegated to his companion and chief disciple Mirra Alfassa well known as The Mother. 1973 has been the year when Mother has left this world at the age of 93.

Main building of the ashram retains the corporeal remain of Aurobindo and the mother. Their 'Samadhi' is in the middle courtyard under a franjipani tree. Moreover, it is a great place to the admirers who seek peace in solitude.

Trip to Auroville: A Township Where Oneness Reigns

Auroville popularly known as City of Dawn has been designed by Roger Anger the French architect under the initiation of mother the chief disciple of Aurobindo in 1968. The vision was to create an ideal city which values humanities irrespective of cast, creed, religion and nationality. Situated 8 kms North West to Puducherry Auroville is the home of around two thousand people who respect the values of Auroville.

Surprisingly two third of the inhabitants are foreigners. Set in an arcadian landscape of profound red earth the architecture of Auroville presents the synthesis of the classical Indian and contemporary western elements. Positioned in an area of 62 acres at the middle of the township there is a Matrimandir where the devotees meditate and emerge to the level of sublimity. Interestingly, 12 sided white marble inner enclosure of Matrimandir has a 70 cms diameter ocular quality glass globe at the middle. The globe is the focal point to concentrate. On 28th February 1968 the township has been inaugurated. On the very first day the motive of establishing the township has been taken into account with the soil of 124 countries which is placed in an urn to symbolize oneness.

The Auroville, Visitor's Centre is located near Bharat Nivas and remains open from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm. It has a permanent exhibition on philosophy and history. Introductory videos of Auroville are available at the centre.

Popular Beaches of Puducherry India:

Along with the Ashram and Auroville the four beaches of Pondecherry have their own appeal to the visitors. Though the beaches are hot and sultry throughout the year but at the same time these clean beaches are naturally canopied by coconut and palm trees which provide shelter and cool breezes to the tourists. On the other these beaches are less crowded in comparison to the other beaches of India.

Promenade Beach in Puducherry: 1.5 km long Promenade Beach is the most popular beach of Pondecherry. There are various landmarks on the sea front like the war memorial, the heritage town hall, old light house, the statue of Joan of Arc, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi standing hall, Dupleix statue, and the old custom's house and so on.

Paradise Beach of Pondicherry:  Situated 8 kms away from the town along the Cuddalore Main Road, Paradise beach only can be attained through boat. Disembarkment from Chunnambar Resort is also possible.

Travel to Auroville Beach:  Situated 12 kms away from the Puducherry town Auroville as the name suggests is just opposite the road heading to Auroville. People come to relax in the weekend Travel at Auroville Beach of Puducherry. Shallow water of it allows swimming.

Visit to Serenity Beach:  Nearby to the north of the main town this serene beach is ideal place to chill at.

Heritage Buildings and Monuments of Puducherry:

Children's Park and Dupleix Statue:  In the memory of Marquis Joseph Francois Dupleix, the essential part of the colonial past of Puducherry there is a 2.88 metre tall statue of him in a southern end of a sea side park namely Children's Park.

The Mairie: Situated on Gaubert Avenue The Mairie is a white building Infront of a sea reminds any charming sea side resort of France. It is now the Municipality office of Puducherry.

Must to See Gandhi Statue in Puducherry: A 4 metre statue of Mahatma Gandhi circumscribed by 8 magnanimous granite pillars is the focal point of Puducherry. The granite pillars possibly has been brought from a fort namely Gingee, situated 70 kms away from Puducherry.

Tour to French War Memorial: Located on Gaubert Avenue French War Memorial is a tribute to the chivalrous soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the First World War.

Puducherry Museum Tour: It has been a two storey house of the erstwhile French Administrator. The museum now preserves the exceptional bronzes and stone curvings from the Chola and Pallava dynasty and the remnants of Roman and Greek jars, age old beads made from valuable stones and glass. The museum also comprises of a geology room, a shell and fossil room and a collections of church relics, coins, French Furniture and handicrafts.

The Church of Our Lady of the Angels at Dumas Street: Constructed in 1855 this church is famous for its extraordinary oil painting of Our Lady of the Assumption, a gift from the French Emperor Nepolian, the Third. The inside roof has been like a barrel with a dome uplifted over the crossing. The great color combination of lime and pastel peach create a mesmerizing view. Moreover, the church follows the architectural style of Greece and Rome.

The other prime spots are:

  •  The Statue of Joan of Arc.
  •  Le Café.
  • 19th Century Light House.
  •  Aayi Mandapam.
  • Around Bharati Park.
  • Raj Niwas and so on.

Gardens and Backwater:

Botanical Garden of Puducherry: South of the new bus stand there is the Botanical Garden which follows the French style with clipped trees, wonderful flower beds and the macadam lines path and fountains. The most excellent botanical garden of South India houses 1500 species of plants from all over the world. The main gate to the garden definitely reminds the architectural excellence of France.

Visit to Keezhoor:  Located 28 kms away from Puducherry Kizhoor, a border village is a historic place where the voting has taken place for the alliance of Puducherry with the Indian Union. During the celebration of 50th Anniversary of De-Facto Puducherry a continual exhibition of painting related with the alliance has been opened at Kizhoor monument. Near the village 400 years old a gigantic banyan tree is also the matter of attraction.

Enjoy Chunnambar Backwater: Located at a distance of 8 kms along the Cuddalore Main Road Chunnambar Backwater is one of the favourite places to the visitors of Pondecherry. Cruise facilitates to view the bulks of dolphins in the sea. Plage Paradiso the beach of Chunnambar Backwater is ideal for beach sports and sun bathing. The beach and Backwater Resort has backwater tour, boating, trekking and picnicking. Nearby Seagull restaurant is another attraction where the visitors can enjoy the delicious food with the view of backwater.

The accommodation that this place offers is quite interesting. Staying in three top tree houses will be a great experience. Those who want to view backwater must opt for 'Sunrise Panorama'. 'Palm House' provides the view of man made pond and a park whereas 'Nest Bird' is preferred for the adventure enthusiasts.

 Arikamedu Travel: Located 4 km south of Puducherry on the right bank of Ariyankuppam River Arikamedu a fishing colony is a port for trade and commerce with the Greco Romans. Remnants of Amphora Jars signify the importance of the import of wine in the ancient period. Textile, beads, shell bangles, glass, gems has been exported. Traces of Chola coins, Chinese celadon pottery and ceramics emphasizes on the trading of medieval period. The remaining wall of mixed bricks if modern time provides the picture Arikamedu in modern and finally today it is filled with mango and coconut tress delivers a feeling of Garden of Eden.

The Museums of Puducherry: The famous museums of Puducherry retain the remnants of the past especially of France. Some of the museums once have the residences of the eminent personalities and today these have become the museum and preserve their remnants. Some of the popular museums in Pondicherry are:

  • The Puducherry Musuem.
  •  Ananda Ranga Pillai Museum.
  • Bharathi Memorial Museum.
  •  Bharathidasan Museum.
  •  Jawahar Toy Museum.
  •  Children's Museum.

List of Temples, Churches and Mosques in Puducherry:

Pondicherry is the home of several temples, church and mosques which represent the basic values of Puducherry.

Popular Temples in Pondicherry:

  • Manakula Vinayagar Koil.
  • Varadaraja Perumal Temple.
  • Vedhapureeswarar Temple.
  • Kamatchiamman Temple.
  • Kanniga Parameswari Temple.
  • Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswara Temple.

Churches  in Pondicherry:

  • Church of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus.
  • Church of the Capuchins.
  • Notre Dame de'.
  • Church of the Assumption.
  • The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.
  • Church of Our Lady of Good Health.

Mosques  in Pondicherry :

  • Jamai Mosque.
  • Meeran Mosque.
  • Kuthbha Mosque.
  • Mulla Mohhamed Mosque.

Pondecherry is a home of spirituality. People find peace in oneness and thus motive the visitors to rethink about their life styles and choices as well. A visit to Pondicherry will definitely take you to another level of sublimity, which on the other will return you immense pure happiness that consoles not only the body and mind but also the soul.