Careers in Animation

Careers in Animation are highly sought after among youngsters as it offer a fine combination of there creative and scientific skills.

Careers in Animation

Careers in Animation

You have all the praise for the characters like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and others, but have you ever took the pain to know who are the people behind making these characters so lively? These are animators, the people who can create magic with the visual effects. Animation is one of the fastest growing industries in India. And animators are one of the most sought after IT Professionals in the world. The importance of this field lies in seamless combination of text, images, graphics, animation and audio.

Who can become an Animator:

One needs to have a creative bent of mind. There is no specific essential qualification as such. A passion for animation and basic sketching skills are required to be a better animator. A degree or diploma in the field can make your prospect bright. For degree and diploma courses, the minimum qualification is 10+2. For post graduation in animation, the minimum qualification is graduation, preferably in arts. However, some specific institutes allow entry to engineering, design, architecture and fine art graduates only.

Job options:

There is no dearth of job for a skilled animator. One can get job in India and overseas in the entertainment and advertising industry.


A beginner can bring home 8,000-12,000 per month. After some hands-on experience on the various projects and having a good portfolio one can easily get 20,000 onwards. A senior animator can get 50,000 and more.

Top institutes

NID, Ahmedabad
IDC, IIT Bombay
Arena Animation (80+ centers)
Srishti, Bangalore
DSK Institute of Design, Pune
Animaster (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi)