Is WiMAX Safe?

WiMAX enabled devices emit radio frequency electromagnetic waves when in use.

Is WiMAX Safe?

Is WiMAX Safe?


Research based Information

WiMAX enabled devices emit radio frequency electromagnetic waves when in use. These waves have been part of our everyday life for decades now, in the use of devices such as radio, television and mobile phones. In fact a good part of the technology being employed in the IEEE 802.16 standard is already being deployed. The body of evidence so far supports the safety of these technologies.

Many independent scientific organizations, safety standard testing and certification panels and health organizations all over the world have conducted research into the safety of radio waves in the past 50 years. The general findings point out that there are no proven adverse health effects from exposure to radio waves at the current ranges prescribed for wireless communication systems.

Are there Safety Limits?

Exposure to radio waves is safe within a certain prescribed range. WiMAX enabled devices and WiMAX towers have to comply with the same safety standards as other radio products like mobile phones. These standards have been developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and adopted by governments and health agencies around the world. These standards prescribe exposure limits and margins for protecting consumers and the general public.

Do WiMAX Devices Comply with these Norms?

Yes. All WiMAX enabled devices have to be evaluated to check that they conform to globally accepted radio frequency emission safety standards. These evaluations are done against a set of parameters recommended by regulatory bodies around the world.

On an average it takes 40 watts to deliver broadband and wireless signals from tower relay site, although the actual power depends on the frequency. Apart from standard precautions that need to be taken when onsite at communication towers, the configurations are well defined and safe. Customer receptor equipments are tested for safety too.

Is WiMAX Safe forChildren?

Devices used in WiMAX comply with standards endorsed by WHO and other health agencies, making WiMAX safe for everyone including children.

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