Leading VoIP Service Providers

VoIP technology is spread all over the world and many players providing VoIP services. The top rated VoIP service providers worldwide are mainly focused at households and small businesses. Some of the leading companies providing VoIP services at very comparatively cheaper call rates.

With the increasing extent of VoIP technology all over the world the competition in this field has also increasing with the entrance of many players providing VoIP services. Though, earlier it was limited to certain companies but now a days the number of companies providing VoIP services has increased in numbers. The top rated VoIP service providers worldwide are mainly focused at households and small businesses. Some of them are:


Lingo is a leading VoIp service providers which provides the equipments for free. In addition to that it provides a 30 day money-back guarantee. It has a special plan in which you can do unlimited calling to US, Canada and 22 other countries for just $21.95 a month.


The rates offered by Vonage is not the least but comparatively lower. It has emerged as an top most VoIP service providers due to its excellent call quality is , features and customer service. It also delivers the equipments to you. They provide the adapter for around $40, that is refundable on returning it. In addition to that they give 14 days trial period.

Voip (dot ) com

Voip(dot ) com is leading in providig VoIP services due to its comparatively cheaper call rates. It offers VoIP service in just $16.95 per month. In addition to that it provides various features such as softphone, a second line and voice mail for your mobile phone. They also provide a Grandstream ATA, completely free. Moreover, they also give a 30-day money back guarantee to try their service.

AT&T CallVantage

CallVantage mainly aims on providing VoIP service to small business and enterprise. The cost is slightly higher in comparison to its competitors but the service quality is good enough to pay. It great features, good call quality and good service. They provide no money back guarantee and charges $29.99 for activation and termination fee. In addition to that an ATA is also provided.

Via Talk

Via Talk provides the cheapest service and hence mostly used. But to get the best deal you have to commit themselves for a year. ViaTalk also provides various features with it. It also its users to use their own devices (BYOD), which reduces the cost of activation and shipping of equipment. Moreover, it gives a money back guarantee of 14 days.


Packet8 is a leading player in providing VoIP service as it provides a long list of services that also includes a hosted PBX and a special mobile VoIP service called MobileTalk. The standard price to use packet8 is $24.95. However, by paying an extra amount of $5 you can make unlimited call to 40 countries. It also charges some activation and a termination cost and gives a trial period of 30 days. Moreover, instead of an ATA they provide an IP phone and provides the facility of using their softphone softtalk for free.


The is the best option for you if you do a lot of international calls as it offers special service plans for international calls along with the local calls. It also provides the advantage of BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) scheme and hence you can use your own device to use the service. The fee charged starts from a minimum of $5.95 per month. The service is most prevalent with SIP-capable devices. They give a money back guarantee of 30 days.


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Leading VoIP Service Providers

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