How GPS Can Be Used

Using the common cellular phone network, GPS is now widely used in tracking the location of all kinds of vehicle.

How GPS Can Be Used

How GPS Can Be Used


Fleet management and tracking

Using the common cellular phone network, GPS is now widely used in tracking the location of all kinds of vehicle. The automatic vehicle tracking system is a combination of GPS and Geographical Information System (GIS) that enables users both at personal as well as corporate level in tracking vehicle. The tracking devices attached in motor vehicle automatically update about location, speed, distance etc. Hence, time-by-time notification helps in fixing schedules thereby offering better fleet management.

Recreation Activities

  • Bird Watching – This is a popular recreational activity in which GPS plays an important role. Bird watchers use GPS devices in marking the location of observing various unique bird species. So these kinds of location data helps bird watchers or wildlife observers for future observation. GPS devices provide the co-ordinates of the places that can be used by other observers in sighting the same birds coming to the same place.
  • Fishing - In a large lake or sea it is difficult to find a perfect place for fishing, however, by using GPS tracking system you can mark an exact spot can return to the same place again. Charter fish fleets are using GPS in marking the waypoint of their productive area.
  • Hiking – Using topographic map in GPS software, trail routes can be easily viewed and downloaded on a computer screen, which gives a better knowledge of the roads. GPS devices also allows to record all hiking points that can be later viewed in map by using mapping software.
  • Geocaching – It’s an outdoor treasure-hunt game played in all over the world with the help of a Global Positioning System tracker. This main activity of the container is to hide and seek container. Players hide a container and others used it to find it using GPS co-ordinates.


With the help of GPS system, tractors can be programmed for autopilot for plowing, fertilizing, harvesting, etc. thereby saving a lot of money.

GPS is also used to calculate yield variation in a particular area by dividing the whole area into different zones and later plotting them in a map for better understanding. This study helps in improving the future yield by taking adequate measures.

GPS mapping software is also used in collecting soil samples over a vast area and the sample results can be plotted on the maps. This provides a better knowledge about the soil of various parts of the area and allows assessing proper soil treatment according to need.

Thus, farmers are now using GPS data in determining the fertilizer and pesticide needs, improving crop yield etc.


GPS enable cell phones can transmit the co-ordinates of a particular location that allows the service provider to reach the end destination without taking help of anyone. GPS software can easily point out which emergency vehicle is closest to the accident saving precious times of ones’ life. In this way it is useful in emergency services like medical and fire safety.

Auto Sales & Rentals

Car rental companies are now installing GPS tracking system on each and every vehicle of their fleet to determine the location, speed and mileage of the vehicle. For this the rental company charges more if one crosses a predefined area under the agreement. Auto loans providers also equip the vehicle with GPS tracking system for the buyers having a poor credit history and recollect it in case of loan default.

Law enforcement & police

Police in some of the developed country are now using GPS system for making maps based on different criminal activities. Several online GIS allow individuals to create maps of the location displaying various crimes occurred within a particular time period.

The system also assists to locate any stolen motor vehicle equipped with GPS unit anywhere in the world. Traffic police can also use this in monitoring the high speed of any vehicle and later trace for punishment. Besides, it can also be used for tracking suspected criminals who are released on parole.

Fieldwork by scientist

  • Marking Sample Sites – GPS mapping system are also used for marking places traced for minerals, water and animals. The location co-ordinates are marked and can be displayed on the GPS map for further analysis.
  • Wildlife Tracking – Wildlife observer and conservationists use GPS tracker to track the movements of endangered animals. Scientists of World Wildlife Federation are using GPS mapping system to monitor animals like tigers, elephant, bears etc. This helps in access their exact number in a particular area.


  • Cycle or Motor Racing – In cycle and motorbike racing GPS transmitters are used that provide time by time updates of location and speed. In this way GPS provide an analytical map of the entire racetrack and other topographical features.
  • Athletic Training – Athletes like runners, racers, skiers or hikers and others use small GPS enabled devices to monitor their location, distance from the base point, speed, emergency and others. Again with the combination of pulse monitor the device can send on time information about the heart rate of an athlete. Later these details can be used to develop racing scenario.
  • Golf – GPS units are used in golf courses; one is for the players that offer a two-way communication service and also provide weather updates. The other unit can be used on the golf cart that measures the distance between the golfer and the ball. So primarily it is being used to assess distance to targets and order services.

Kids and Pets Tracking: GPS transmitters are also used to keep track your kids and pets by attaching a GPS unit with them.