How is LBS useful?

LBS is designed to provide valuable information to the users based on location or position.

How is LBS useful?

How is LBS useful?


LBS is designed to provide valuable information to the users based on location or position. So it gives answer to some of the most common answered question when one is traveling such that where am I? What is around me? Where is the nearest hotel, hospital? What is the most convenient route? and so on. So any kind of LBS service is useful for users when they find themselves in an unfamiliar place and obviously they need answer for those above questions. Traveler can obtain all information according to his/her needs without wasting a lot of time.

User’s Uses:

Primarily LBS aims to solve some most common problems of users like locating a particular place and finding the exact route to the destination, so it generally includes all kinds of geographic related information. LBS calculates the position of the user in respect to somebody or something. User may search for person, object, and event, and even may ask for the most convenient direction. In this way it solve all navigating related queries of traveler. It not only deals with geo-information but that to in real time.

Locating and navigating depend on geo-spatial information whereas searching and identifying any object or person need a variety of different information that are given below.

  • Some information is constant and can be obtained from books, maps, newspaper, Internet, TV etc. This kind of information is called constant or static.
  • There are certain instant information that one needs while moving from one place to another such as traffic information, weather, train and airline schedule (expected arrival and delayed time), movie tickets for the current show etc. These are called topicalinformation.
  • Drivers and travelers also need some safetyinformation like weather changes, road or hiking trials and other emergency situations including accident or vehicle breakdown.

Hence, all kinds of information are essential for locating, navigating, planning route, searching, identifying and determining the state of object or person. Based on these kinds of information there are a variety of location-based service including emergency, navigation, information, tracking, fleet management etc.