Symbian Application Development

The Symbian OS development environment consists of four related development environments.



Symbian Application Development Guide


Symbian is the leading mobile OS platform that has been adopted by more than mobile manufacturers worldwide. Symbian OS applications are in great demand due to their versatility, easy interface and simply because Symbian OS is the backbone off most of the mobiles, especially Nokia, the world's leading mobile maker. Here we introduce Symbian application development, the necessary development kit, the hardware requirements and other things to help you get started with developing great applications for your Symbian based Series S60 or other smartphone.

The Symbian OS development environment consists of four related development environments:

Symbian OS Customisation Kit (CustKit):
The Symbian OS CustKit enables creation of mobile phones with all the necessary tools and source code, although licensed 3 rd party code is omitted from this. However as Symbian does not license the CustKit to its partners we will not delve further into its details due to its non-importance to the Symbian application development task.

Symbian OS Development Kit (DevKit):
The Symbian DevKit consists of most of the CustKit tools except those used by handset makers, restricted Symbian code and licensed 3 rd party code. The Symbian Application Development Kit is useful for enterprise clients, network operators and application developers.

Symbian OS Binary Access Kit (BAK):
The Symbian BAK application development kit contains similar tools and access to partner APIs leaving aside certain cryptographic APIs. The BAK Symbian OS application development kit is licensed much more easily by Symbian as compared to the DevKit as it does not contain any core Symbian OS source code.

Symbian OS Technology Preview Kit (TPSDK): Normally the Application Programming Interface (APIs) becomes public only after the release of a mobile phone along with its related SDK. However, the Symbian OS TPSDK enables early access to public APIs and can be downloaded by Symbian Affiliate partners at no additional costs.

The lowest tier of the Symbian OS application development environment consists of Licensee SDKs that is mostly meant for GUI application developers who release their app after a mobile or OS framework is already in the market.

More about the Symbian OS Software Application Development Kit (SDK):

The Symbian SDK kit is a handy tool to create great applications for the Symbian OS and can be used by Symbian vendors or Symbian OS licensee vendors. The Symbian OS SDK can also be used by independent companies operating within the Symbian OS device creation community and lastly, by network service providers and enterprise clients.

The Symbian OS SDK contains:

•  Most of the Symbian OS source code

•  Associate and public APIs

•  Techview UI and source

•  Engineering documentation

•  Latest Symbian Developer Library

•  ROM building and other test tools

Using the Symbian OS software application development kit (SDK) enterprises can create original and unique software or derivate Symbian OS software applications including Symbian OS drivers and ports. Original and derivate Symbian OS software can be delivered to Symbian prior to its release of the Symbian OS but once the OS has been released publicly, original Symbian OS applications can be distributed to anyone and the derivative Symbian OS application can be delivered to other Symbian Development Kit associates in the binary form.

Companies and long-lead time developers who are interested in developing Symbian OS applications can do so by subscribing to Symbian's Platinum Partner Program.



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Symbian Application Development

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Lakin Patel
July 4, 2011

tell me from where can i get symbian os freeware and tools for ddeveloping symbian applications...
August 21, 2011
mobile appliocaion devlopment

sir , can u tell me the actual way to develop symbian mobile application . i dont have any idea to develop application for mobile . i want to learn can u pls tell me full guide of books and software tools requirement in developing mobile application .
September 29, 2011
Symbian Application

Symbian Applicaotion