Struts 2 Login Application

In this section we have added many tutorials of creating the Struts 2 Login form based applications. You will learn to develop the login system in Struts 2 for your next project.

Struts 2 Login Application

Examples of writing and testing Login Applications in Struts 2 framework

These days almost all the web applications and even websites need such system to allow the user to be authenticated. So, for this user first registers with the website, validates the email address and finally log on to the system using the user name and password combination.

In this tutorial series you will learn how to make the login system for Struts2 based applications. Login application is backed with the database management system to store the user name and password. In the modern websites password are stored in the encrypted format and no one can know about the password. Password is encrypted and then stored in the database. For validating the user, password entered by user is encrypted and then checked with the password stored in database. This is the safe method of storing the user details in the website.

So, in the step by step tutorial we will show you how to make the Struts2 Login application.